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Grumbling at the loud footsteps making their way into my room, I attempted to pull the duvet over my face when someone yanked the covers off.

"Up," a voice demanded.

Immediately recognizing the voice as Izzy's. I groaned, knowing I wouldn't win this fight.

"Come on, Ames, I'm making breakfast." Izzy urged.

I threw the cover off. "Fine. I'm up. Just, don't cook me anything."

Izzy frowned. "Rude."

On the way out, we bumped into Clary, who looked quite upset. "There you are." Izzy said. "Are you okay?" She asked next.

"I saw my mom." Clary told us. "Then your brother–"

"I heard. And believe me, there have been many times where I wanted to kill Alec." Izzy sighed.

I didn't know what they were talking about, so I stayed quiet.

The brunette sighed. "Look, I know my brother can be a real pain in the ass." I chuckled at that. "But he means well. That necklace is very dangerous." Izzy explained to the redhead.

Oh, they were talking about Clary's purple necklace. Okay.

"I'll take the risk on my own." Clary defiantly said.

The problem is, you're not on your own, Clary." I told her. "You're part of us now. You still have a lot to learn, though."

"I just, I wish I know what to do. All of this, it's so new to me. I just," she sighed. "I'll do anything to save her."

The girl standing in front of me was distraught. "I get it." I nodded my head. "You love her."

"More than anything." The redhead said.

"What's your mom like?" Izzy asked.

"She's kind. Fun. Uh, the kinda person you always want to be around." A smile formed on the redhead's lips as she talked about her mother. "I have friends who used to always want to hang out at our house, just to hang out with her."

Izzy smiled. "She sounds more like a friend than a mom."

"She was both." Clary stated. "She basically sacrificed her life for me, and I'm willing to do the same for her."

"Just because you can't have that necklace, doesn't mean you won't see her again." I assured Clary before holding out my hand to her. "Walk with us. Tell Izzy and I everything about her."

Izzy furrowed her eyebrows. "So, Alec blew right by you and did what he wanted. I'd be angry, too."

Clary sighed. "He took the only way I had to see my mother. Plus, he kept asking what Valentine's room looked like."

"He was interested in Valentine's style?" I joked.

Izzy scoffed. "Fascinating."

"No, he thought I might have seen something that could help us find him." Clary replied.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "And did you?"

"I didn't see anything there, but, I think I might know another way." The redhead answered. 'Another way.' Hmm. Clary Fairchild was at it again.

Suddenly, the sound of a portal opening flew through our ears and we turned to see an older version of Isabelle walk through the doors of the Institute.

"Isabelle. Amelia." Came Maryse Lightwood's strict voice. "Dressed to impress, I see. And you've been playing with the family heirlooms." She looked at Izzy in disapproval.

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