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Pic is Mackinley (Jenifer Lawrence)

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I almost sighed when Dean tore off the black sheet that was covering the Impala. Honestly, I had missed her. She was like a baby to me.

Even at twenty five, I like old cars.

I was starting to feel old.

I couldn't believe it had been two years since I had come here.

Two years since I met the love of my life. I did believe that Dean was the love of my life. And yes he did stray (not in a cheaters way...I would beat him up if he ever cheated) but in a I wanna go back to Hunting way. Because I knew he wanted to go back to Hunting. I even suggested he take a few cases. He shook his head and gave me the cold shoulder.

That was until we were in bed, wearing nothing but our birthday suits.

I was about ready to cry. I expected her to be slightly dusty.

"You've been keeping her clean," I held Molly tighter to me. She looked so much like Dean as a kid. He'd shown me a picture of his family before his parents died. He was about three or four in the picture, with a mop of dark blond hair and bright green eyes. But only in a more feminine way.

"Now that you've guys have had your little reunion can we go?" Sammy said sarcastic.

"Get the stick out of your butt," I muttered.

I gave Dean a kick peck on the lips, "be careful," I added quietly.

I looked at Sam.

"You look after Dean, you hear?" I patted Sammy's shoulder with a smile, "it's great to have you back Sammy. I've..." I grinned, glancing over at a statue Dean, "we've missed you."

"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Molly started crying, trying to get to Dean. Tears sprang to her emerald eyes as she squirmed in my arms.

"Such a daddy's girl. Y'all better leave before she really puts up a fight. She's got the fight in her, that's for sure. Love y'all, stay safe and I'm expecting you home for dinner. I'm making tomateo rice soup and we're having cake," I turned around leaving both of them looking slightly stunned.


Dean Winchester had never been one with words. He knew it, Mackinley knew it, everyone who knew him, knew it. Sam must of somehow forgotten it, or at least tried to ignore it.

"So..." Sam left the sentence open.

"So what?" Dean drove slower then the speed limit, which Sam thought was slightly strange and abnormal.

"Well, you and Mackinley? You're daughter..."

"Her name is Molly. Moll-eeee," he pronounced it out, "Molly Christian Winchester."

You could just tell that Dean was proud of his little, slightly dysfunctional family. But it was his family. And in his eyes that was all that mattered.

"Molly," Sam tested the word, "it's nice. She looks like you."