Chapter 17

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MayMay's POV:

"Ma can you call the others?" I asked her and she smiled and nodded her head and she walked out the door. A few seconds later she came back in with the others and they smiled when they saw me

"Ate May you're awake!!" Kisses exclaimed and I smiled and nodded my head

"I'll leave you guys muna, I'll get clothes for MayMay" Mama said and walked over to me and kissed my forehead

"I love you anak, I'll be back soon" She said and I nodded my head

"Sige Ma, love you too" I said and she walked out and the others just looked at me

"You and your mom are okay now?" Marco asked and I nodded my head and they smiled at me

"That's very good news!! I knew this would work!" Kisses exclaimed and we just looked at her

"You called Mama?" I asked and she nodded her head

"I knew she still loved you" She said and I smiled and opened my arms and she walked to me and hugged me and I wrapped my arms around her

"Thank you Bebe girl" I said

"You're welcome Ate May!" She exclaimed and we pulled away and ai looked at Edward

"So you met my mom?" I asked him and he smiled and nodded his head

"Yah I did, she seems nice" He said and I smiled at him and then I frowned

"What's wrong May?" He asked

"I just really wanna know who stabbed me" I said

"Well whoever did it needs to pay, we're gonna look for that person!" Marco said

"But we have no clue on who can do it" I said, Edward was supposed to say something but then the doctor came in

"Can you guy leave us for a while? I need to talk to the patient" He said and the others looked at me and I nodded my head

"I'll see you guys in a while" I said and they nodded their heads and went out

"What do you need Doc? Is everything alright?" I asked him

"I need to ask you something" He said and I just nodded my head

"'I saw bruises on your body, where did all come from?" He asked and I just sighed

"I didn't mean to agree to it, I just wanted him to be happy!" I exclaimed and he looked at me confused

"What do you mean?" He asked

"I agreed to a deal with this guy, he told me to stay away from Edward because his ex girlfriend was getting jealous and is starting to have feelings for him again and so he didn't like that so he asked me to break up with Edward, but the thing is me and Edward aren't really in a relationship and he knows that, we're just faking it to make his ex girlfriend jealous so he can have her back, and he chose me to be his fake girlfriend, and then I said no to the guy, because I promised Edward I would help him get his ex girlfriend back because that's what makes him happy, and when I did say no he told me to go to the school field every night at 7 and I went the yesterday night and then I went tonight and yesterday I got beat up and that where I got the bruises" I said and he just looked at me

"I suggest you tell that to your principal, this is a really serious matter, we should also tell the police about what happened to you, do have any idea who could've stabbed you?" He asked and I thought about it

"Well there's a person I know who can do it" I said

"And who's that?" He asked

"The guy I told you about" I said and he need his head

"Well I have to tell the police about this, do you want me to send your friends back in?" He asked and I nodded my head and he walked out and then a few second later the others walked back in

"Well what did you guys talk about?" Kisses asked

"Ummm he just asked if I was doing okay" I lied, I don't want to tell them that Paulo beat me up, baka lumala pa yung gulo.

"Are you okay already May?" Edward asked and I looked at him and nodded my head

"Ok na naman, my stomach still hurts a little" I said and he nodded his head

"Ate May what were you doing in school?" Marco asked and I thought for a reason

"Uhhh I just went to the store to buy some food and napadaan Lang ako sa school" I lied, ughhhh I don't like lying to them!!!

"Why didn't you bring Edward with you?" Marco asked

"Kasi he looked tired of chasing me sa park so I just let him stay home" I said and he and Kisses nodded their heads

"Well you won't be able to go to school on Monday so we'll bring your school work here, we don't want you to miss anything, I know how much you hate being absent in school" Kisses said and I smiled at her

"Thank you Bebe" I said

"Ate May, me and Marco will just buy food for all of us" Kisses said and I nodded my head

"Edward you stay here, don't leave Ate May" Marco said and Edward nodded his head and the two went out

"Oh yah May I forgot to tell you, the guy knew bout what happened to you so they're coming over to visit you tomorrow" Edward said and I smiled and nodded my head

"May you should get some rest" He said and I nodded my head and tried to sleep, but it's not working, I can't sleep! So I sat up and looked at Edward

"Edward I can't sleeeeeppppp" I said and he just chuckled and sat on the chair beside me and held my hand

"Sige na, go to sleep" He said and laid back down and closed my eyes then I heard singing, was Edward singing? He has a beautiful voice, he was singing a song and it sounds so familiar to me, I just really can't put my finger on it.

Edward's POV:

When May said she couldn't sleep I helped her to go to sleep, o sang her the song we used to sing when we were still kids Lucky by Jason Marz. It was our favorite song, I hope she could remember me, I hope she could remember all our memories together. I missed her so much, it's official now, I don't like Heaven anymore, I like MayMay, MayMay is so much better than Heaven. Heaven doesn't love me anymore, I should move on. 


That's it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and yes MayMay is safe, don't you worry there are more things to come, I have nothing more to say but thank you thank you fro your support for 'Fake Girlfriend' and 'In Sickness And In Health' Labyu Labyu, mwah mwah tsup tsup, buh-byeeeeeeee!!!!!

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