Chapter 13 : Why?

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Your hands started shaking as the letter dropped from your grasp, your lips are quivering as you fall to your knees, tears threatening to escape. "Why?"

"Dear (Y/N),

Happy and I are going on a year-long journey to train, so we can get stronger.

Love you,

- Your big bro and Happy."

You couldn't believe him - through all your life, Natsu had been right beside you. The two of you were inseparable from the beginning. That boy with the pink, spiky hair who was stubborn as a rock, had a hell of an appetite, always with the dragon scarf.


Alas, tears fell down as droplets, cries escaped your throat, hands tightened against your thigh.

Trying stand upon your feet, gasping for air as you rained tears clenching her teeth together. As you realised the gravity of the situation, your legs drove you to his house, your lungs stinging and desperate for air, driven by the hope that you'd see the blue cat and pink haired young man there. With excruciating pain running through your body, you had no choice but to rest, leaning against a tree, gasping for air. Memories rushed through your mind, the day you met the stubborn kid, when you two found Happy's egg, when Lisanna was forced to Edolas, when you first met Lucy, fought against Phantom Lord, the Thunder Legion incident, when you all saved Erza from the Tower of Heaven, fighting the Oracion Seis, going to Edolas, Tenrou Island and the major battle against Tartarus, you were with those two the entire time.

The thoughts left your mind but you were almost in tears, reminiscing. As you take a deep breath, you smile, get off the tree and begin to walk back to your own house. Those two obviously wanted to train by themselves and you'd only get them distracted, as they would get you distracted. It was for the better and perhaps you'd surpass your brother in the time it takes for them to return, but that's wishful thinking.

Plus you have everyone else, Sting, Rogue, Lucy, Ace and everyone in Fairy Tail, you had to stay for them.


Sorry that this chapter's short, writer's block. I'll try to update!

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