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(Someone to stay ~ by Vancouver sleep clinic )
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Ethan's POV

Let's just say yesterday was alright it wasn't the best of days but it was something. I've got to make up everything that I've caused her one way or another. I've got to make it up to her ,I've got to.


I got up got dressed in a tuxedo ,but I covered it over with a zip up jacket and one of those clip pants that basket ball players wear .  over to her house without Grayson finding out . Let's just say I'll tell him later . I got out of the car and I knocked then 1 minute later the sleeping beauty opened the door .

"Hey Dolan." She yawned .

"Looks like you had a good nap ." I chuckled .

"Yeah it was great until you showed up ." She rolled her eyes playfully and let out a soft giggle .

"Ou! You know you love me !" I said nudging her arm .

"Ok so what brings you to my kingdom today your highness." She asks.

"Well my princess I was wondering if you would love to go on a lovely date with me ."I bowed .

"Hmm.... looking like this I don't think so ." She said referring to her pajamas.

"You have one hour wear something extremely fancy our reservation is at 8:15 ." I said pecking her cheek .

"Got to go ! Got to go !" She shouted as she quickly ran up the stairs I giggled at the view .

I sighed in relief that she didn't notice my shoes . I want to stun her and I want to be stunned by her .

I sat in the living room watching loiter squad . Man Tyler was really making it big . The hate I had for him vanished and now we're actually good friends. I can say he has some crazy ideas .

7:55 pm

"Ok Ethan I'm ready ." She shouted .

I heard footsteps coming from the stair case . I quickly ripped off my sweatpants and took of my Jacket. I stood at the end of the stair case .

I saw the most beautiful princess coming down the stairs. She was wearing a silk midnight blue body hugging long dress . It had a plunging neck line making her look amazing. Her hair was straightened and she just looked gorgeous.

"Woah!" Was all that I could say .

"You look amazing yourself." She said making my face heat up and my cheeks blush .

I gently wrapped my arm around her waist leading her out . I opened the door for her and quickly ran over to the drivers door and got in . I played some soft RnB music . As I was driving I kept taking quick looks at her . Fuck she's making me have thoughts that I need a gallon of holy water if I want them to go away .

Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck ! Fuck !

I slowly reach for her hand making it intertwine with mine .  I needed a distraction and holding her hand is one .As I held her hand I got distracted.

We arrived and barely made it . This place is expensive and the fanciest restaurant here in jersey. All the rich folks come here .

"Reservation for Ethan Dolan ." I said to the hostess.

"Table for 2 , follow me ." She said as Mary hooked her arm with mine and followed the hostess .

We got seated at this booth that was made of white tile with little crystals everywhere and a small chandelier hanging on top  . Let's just say this was fanciest thing I've ever seen . We asked for a bottle of sparkling cider since were just 18 .

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