Chapter 17:Where everything Start 2

Start from the beginning

Mahiru look at the clock on his desk and start to panic. 40 minutes until time. He hurry up and take bath and fix hisself.

Before he leave the house, he gave the Cat a kiss and smile before running to the school. He was glad that he made it.

"Gosh, I wAs worried that you won't come to school because of yesterday's event," his sit mate Sakuya sigh in relief.

Mahiru look down still at Sakuya. "I'm sorry again." Mahiru said. Sakuya smile.

"If you keep saying that I swear I might fall in love with you more." Sakuya said, Mahiru blush and hit Sakuya palyfully. Sakuya just laugh and Mahiru proceed to his sit.

"Neh? Mahiru your late, Don't tell me you went to that forest again?" Koyuki ask.

"Don't have breakfast at home?" Ryusei said.

Mahiru, He knows that his friend knows that the reason he is late is either his going to that forest to grab some fruits or His Dad was here to keep him busy. But they still didn't know what his Father does to him. But since they all know that his father is away the only reason is to go to the forest, And once Mahiru went there means Mahiru's kitches was out of food.

"Yeah... But I was planning to buy some food late at night." Mahiru said and gave a small smile.

"Be careful Mahiru, I heard Rumors that there is some scary Vampires that creep out onto you. They make friends with you and slowly bring you the darkness and there they bite your neck." Sakuya said scaring Mahiru which Mahiru went paled and tremble.

"I-I-I think I can Handle myself wi-with th-that." Mahiru said clearly scared.

Ryusei start laughing.

"Seriously? You believe in such a fiction?, How childlish." Ryusei  between laughs. Koyuki chuckle.

"I do belive then, But I believe they exist its just they are too shy to come out." Koyuki said chuckling.

"Oh? You know that's actually not make sense. Vampires are just fictions." Ryusei said.

"Wow, I'm surprised that you know the word 'fictions' "mahiru said. Ryusei glare at Mahiru who pale.

"Heh? what did I do?" Mahiru ask.

"Are you saying that I'm an idiot?" Ryusei ask since he was offended when Mahiru commented him like that.

Mahiru shook his head and before he utter a word Sakuya spoke.

"No, Your stupid." Sakuya said.

"Then your a cabbage hair." Ryusei said.

"Shut up." Sakuya said.

Koyuki and Mahiru start laughing at Childlish act of Sakuya and Ryusei.

Soon the bell rings and the Class started.




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