The Sleepover Last Day

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I woke up bright and early surprisingly, and Megan was already awake on her phone. For once. I went on my phone to see that Zach had texted me good night and good morning.

I sent him a good morning text and then got dressed. Once I came out, Megan was out of her covers and picking out some clothes.

"Good morning Jess," someone said. I turned my head so see Lexi yawning. "Good morning Lex." I said smiling.

"What time are you leaving Megan?" Lexi asked Megan. She looked up. "Oh um, I was thinking at 10am my mom wants to.....go shopping for groceries." She said. Lexi nodded.

"What time are you leaving Jess?" Lexi asked climbing out of bed. "Oh I was thinking 1pm, unless you have something to do." I said. "Even if we did my mom wouldn't care if you came. Remember they love you." She said smiling. "I remember." I said smiling.

Everyone left pretty early like around 11 or 10am. It was around 11:30am when everyone was gone, expect for me and Lexi. We were laying around and talking about random think when Lexi's mom walked in.

"Girls, we are going to Jessica's house. Are you girls ready?" She said. We nodded and then she said "Let's go." and I grabbed my bags and Lexi grabbed her phone charger and we went to my house. When we got there I went inside to see my mom in the kitchen.

"Hey mom." I said smiling. I hugged her before sitting down at the table. Lexi and her parents came after me and Lexi came to sit by me and her parents went to my mom.

"What does your room look like?" Lexi asked me. "Well follow me." I said. She nodded and we got up and went to my room. She looked around it and examined it. She saw the bear that Zach got me and turned my way. "Who got that for you?" She smirked.

"Zach." I felt my face heat up as I said his name. "Awe, that's adorable. Now I question why I have ever liked Zach. It was pretty clear that he liked you, so I guess I was blind." she said. "Yeah," I agreed. She laughed and then sat down at my desk.

"So how is home schooling?" Lexi asked. "Good, I guess. I kinda miss seeing people but I am cool with home schooling." I said. "Won't you be ending school late?" She asked. "No. Not if I do my work on time." I said. "Oh okay." She said.

We sat around talking about more things and, then we had dinner with my family and her family. They stayed around for a few more hours before going home.


The day before Halloween


The Crew👦🏼👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👧🏻

Damn Daniel: What's up guys

Zachary😍: Nothing much

How are you guys

Hoenah: Good how are you

Damn Daniel: fine

Zachary😍: great

Corbean: fantastic

Apple Jacks: okay

Me😍: I'm good thank you Jonah

Hoenah: No problem❤

Me😍: Who is dressing up for Halloween?

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