Diana's POV

Notch tied me back to the chair to avoid any more tricks. As I sat there he was fooling with the controls in front of the monitor. After Steve ran into the dungeon he started to place lava behind the entrance. He was about to do something else when,

"You are really bad at destroying people." I blurt out.

"Oh yeah? I'm making this as legit as possible." He says. "Your little friend thinks I am a nice guy. He obviously doesn't know where you are right now. Instead of banning him, I have other plans." 

"None of this is necessary, Notch. Go pick some lousy admin, ban him and get it over with so your mother can play!" 

"It doesn't work that way...." He lowers his head to the ground. "I will get in trouble by Jeb-"

The ringer from my telephone cuts him off, and something appears on the screen. Oh no.

He walks over to it and it reads Steve's reply.

To: princessdiana234 

I'm in a situation right now so I won't be able to come right away. Any backup plans?

He slowly stands back from the phone, taking a deep breath and then turning towards me. I look him straight in the eyes. 

"You want him? To come here? Oh! This will make my job much easier." He lets out an evil laugh.

"What I'm trying to understand is why you captured me when this has nothing to do with me. Even if I did give him gamemode this has something to do with your mother." 

"Well I'm pretty sure anyone who befriends him would want to be here to say their last goodbyes before this noobs vanishes. Because I will show you how I really destroy someone." He raises his voice in anger.

He walks over back to the computer fumbling around the buttons again. Then there are footsteps from the hallway coming towards this room.

"Hello? Is anybody in here?" A slightly familliar voice says. Notch and I turn our heads at the same time, and there's a guy only wearing an iron hat. Now he looks awfully familiar. I know who this person is! It's Honeydew! He takes a look at me and then back to Notch.

"Umm.." He starts to say. But then Notch speed-walks over to him. "What are you doing here?" He hisses.

"Oh hey Notch! Sorry I thought this way lead to a restroom."

"How did you find this place?" 

"A trapdoor." I let me head drop in laughter.

"Ugh. Well you have to leave okay I-" 

"By the way can you share some advice on the Farlands?" That made me turn my head up towards Notch.

"I said get out! Forget the Farlands! I haven't even been there!" He's telling the truth. No one has ever found it, but yet so many people believe thats its real.

"Ok.." He whispers and slowly walks up the stairs back to the PvP arena. As soon as he leaves, I protest, "How could you be so disrespectful to Honeydew?"

"Silence! Now. Diana. I will make you think twice about how you underestimate me." He walks back over to the controls. He presses one red button and then pressed a few panels in a sequence. 

"What are you doing?!" I yell at him as I squint at the monitor.

"I took his ability to break blocks and now he is trapped. And there's more to come." He says as he steps away from the monitor for me to see. My jaw drops. 

Theres a fudging wither boss right outside the dungeon ready to blow it up and come for Steve.

"No!!" I scream. I hope Steve is prepared enough for what's to come.

But then while I'm totally shocked, an idea bulb lights up my mind. 

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