13 ; out of mind

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I was tied on a chair, and struggling was no use at all. Of course, I still couldn't break free. I sighed. I knew I should've blocked his number! What's his deal anyways? We broke up four years ago and still haven't moved on? Man he needs help! He even removed my shirt, but luckily, I still have undergarments on and I'm still wearing my shorts.

He is currently showing pictures on his phone, mostly of mine though. I was getting bored of it already. "Are you finished?" I asked impatiently, he was doing this for 30 minutes already.

"Not yet." He aggressively said. He's still on it though.

I groaned, as he continued swiping, I noticed that the pictures were just recent. Like the night me and Connor were rollerskating, he has pics of me there too, which means he's already stalking me for a long time. "You really are a creep huh? Why did I even thought of dating you."

He glared at me, and stood up. "Shut up you bitch!" He said as he punched me on my face, as I began tasting the metallic flavor of the blood.

"Aren't you gonna quit hitting me?" I taunted him, he continued to glared at me.

"You know what? Maybe I am gonna continue hurting you." He said and threw punches to me. Again, and again, and again.

I feel my face being sore already, and blood is dripping from my face. "What if I die? Huh? You'll probably go off and cry like a baby." I continued.

"NO! SHUT UP!" He yelled aggressively and clutched his head. He stopped for a moment. "You stay right here. I'll be right back." He said and left. What a fuckin psycho.

I tried to reach for my phone in my back pocket, but no luck, I can't reach it. Kudos to Sergio for being a dumbass and not removing all the things in my pocket before tying to the chair. I mean, if you wanna kidnap someone you gotta remove all the things that they might use to escape? Right?

; connor's pov

After following the trail of blood on the ground, we arrived at an abandoned warehouse. (pretty cliché dont u think??) The front door was locked, obviously, so me and Lieutenant had to find another way to get in. How is this Sergio guy still alive after giving out a long trail of blood?

Finding a way in wasn't hard, because there was a ladder placed at the side of the wall. I lay the ladder to the window, went up, and break the glass with my elbow. Lieutenant went up afterwards.

We landed on top the shelf with boxes. The warehouse was too wide for us to find (y/n) easily. I went down from the boxes, and helped Lieutenant as soon as I got down.

From the other side, we heard talking. Me and Lieutenant sneaked to the corner of the shelf and saw Sergio and Matt.

"Sergio, what is up with you? You're out of your mind already! You asked me for help but I didn't expect this kind of help!" Matt asked.

"Sergio?" Lieutenant said shocked. "That dumbass! I'm gonna beat his ass once I got to him!" He said and tried to go there but I stopped him. "Connor! What the fuck you doin?" Lieutenant whispered angrily.

"Let's get (y/n) first before we deal with them!" I whispered. He thought for a bit, but I just pulled him with me and looked for her.

After a few minutes, we found her at the fifth door. I slowly opened the door, and there's (y/n). "Connor!" She said happily, but I shh'd her because they will hear her. I went to her and cut off the ropes that were tied to her. Lieutenant was guarding outside the door.

Her face was full of cuts, and bruises. Whatever Sergio did, he totally deserves a punishment!

As I finished removing it, she hugged me quickly. It was awkward because she was hugging me with no top on, but I shook it off. What's more important is that she's safe.

She pulled away from the hug. "Where's dad?" She asked.

"Outside." I replied. I removed my jacket, "Here, take this." And I wear it for her.

"Thank you." She said, as we both went out of the room.

As we went out of the room, Lieutenant approached Sergio and Matt. "So, Sergio." Dad said casually. "It was you who took (y/n)."

"Hank? What are you doing here?" Sergio spat.

I looked over to Matt, as he was raising the gun to Lieutenant, "Watch out Lieutenant!" I said and acted fast, as I ran over to where Lieutenant was standing, and took the bullet for him. It just shot my shoulder, it's nothing.

"Connor! Again what the fuck you doin? Get back to (y/n)!" Lieutenant said.

"I'm sorry Lieutenant! You almost got shot! Who would deal with these two now?" I said.

"Ooo it's that robot boy again." Sergio said.

I turned to him. "Excuse me? What did you say?" I asked.

He walked closer, "I said get the fuck outta here, robot boy." He said slowly, as I punched him on the face.

I heard sirens from outside, (y/n) must've called the police. The cops busted through the door, and after that, they arrested the two of them of course.

NU: june 14

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