Chapter 24

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"NATALIA!" the mysterious voice shouted as Natalia shrieked, waking up in the Metropolitan Police station the next morning. Natalia is in her own private holding cell in handcuffs. Still sporting a cut left cheek and a right black eye she received recently, Natalia tried to sleep off the pain that she could. Alas, she was half asleep all night long until she was too exhausted and fell asleep.

Then, a female corrections officer—the one who was the one calling out to her while she was sleeping-- opened the door of the holding cell and called out to the prisoner, "NATALIA SILVESTRI, YOU'RE GOING HOME!"

Still groggy, Natalia started to shuffle as she tried to get back on her feet. She staggered her way to the front door without even looking at the officer in the face. Being escorted to the iron-barred gate is where she met Ayeka who was visibly upset.

Natalia and Ayeka took about a least a good half a minute staring at each other as Natalia broke the silence with one side of her mouth, "Are you going to let me out?"

"After I'm done savoring the moment," Ayeka sarcastically stated.

"Do you guys know each other?" The corrections officer asked sincerely.

Natalia wasn't in the mood either, "Fortunately, or unfortunately?"

The corrections officer opened the barred gate and escorted Natalia and Ayeka to the front desk. It was there she retrieved all of her belongings from last night. As they made their way out of the station and into the parking lot, Ayeka's anger turned into sincerity, "How's your face?"

"What do you think?" Natalia still talking out of one side of her mouth now, trying so hard not to open her mouth wide enough for her to bleed again.

"It should have healed up by now... And last time I checked, I'm on your side, Natalia-chan. Not only I want you to succeed but for everyone to succeed," Ayeka reassured.

"Doesn't seem like it..." Natalia dreaded. She knew it was her fault again. She went in without any backup and ended up being the one injured along with Kayla. Which reminded her, "how is Kayla?"

"She is up and around. Only a dislocation. She's actually been medically cleared to go back out in the field," Ayeka reported.

"Lucky her..." Natalia reprieved as they went to their car.

"It doesn't matter now anyway. The mission is over, and Dixon-sama dropped all charges. Eichner-sama wants all of us to regroup and head back to Spain," Ayeka reported.

The last thing that Natalia wanted was another lecture from another failed motherly figure, "Well, you have to tell her we got things to do--"

"She just arrived here eight hours ago, Natalia-chan..." Ayeka added.

Natalia scoffed at the idea of the Angel of Death flying halfway across the globe just to tear her a new asshole, "And like a good little mutt, you all told her exactly what happened?"

"It was all over the news, Natalia-chan. What did you expect?"

"I don't care, Ayeka..." Defeated, Natalia went to the car as Ayeka climbed into the driver seat. Despite putting on her trademarked stone face., Natalia was afraid of what her mentor might do to now.

The four members of the Nether Elite were staying at a penthouse that was rented out for the week during their stay in New York City at Park Avenue. The well-furnished apartment was spacious with four bedrooms, so everyone has their privacy. Especially Ryoko, who decided to go out last night blow off some steam going club hopping. She even brought a group of men home despite the strong warnings amongst everyone who is staying at the penthouse, but she didn't care.

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