Chapter One (Torn Apart)

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March 22, 2018

Everything turned white and moved in slow motion as I reached for my daughter tightening her seatbelt. My gaze riveted on the snow plow barreling faster than I could believe. Sending it's entire load over the side of the over pass straight into us.

"Hold on we are going to get hit!"
I said calmly. Knowing I had to be calm for her sake.

The wall of snow speeding towards us as I angled the van. The sound like a boom from a cannon as the windshield imploded into my face.

My head careened sideways off the door frame as everything stopped. In a split second it all went black then exploded in a kaleidoscope of color. Time froze in that second as blood dripped from my nose my body on auto pilot put the van in park. Barely registering that I couldn't move my legs. Quick thinking taking the impact and angling the van saved my daughter from injury.

From far away I could hear her voice but as the impact driven trauma radiated through my brain and body long dormant cells and memories exploded to life. Lifetimes of choices and experiences transported me back. In those moments I saw echoes of the past come to life once more as shock waves lit up my brain fueled by adrenaline.

As I stood lost in a memory staring at a pale purple sky with streaks of pink giving way to the setting sun. Twin moons rose on the horizon as the sounds of wings slicing through the air drew my gaze. Illuminated against the sky white feathered wings of a high queen breathtakingly beautiful before me as she landed in front of me. I inclined my head in respect as one queen to another. Her raven hair and green eyes nagged at my memory something I should remember.

"Mother?" more a question than a greeting. Her hand out reached cupped my cheek and stroked my brow.

"I've asked too much of you my love, as much as I miss you, there is much you still must do!" she pulled me close voice breaking with emotion. "You must go back, NOW!" she screamed as horns sounded in the distance and screams I recognized pulled me like being hit by lightning. My daughter screaming for me to be okay.

The shock of my return brought the pain throughout my body screaming to reality as sirens wailed in the distance of help coming. My daughters panicked word's barely registering. "I texted him he's not answering and being a jerk!" The last bit of my energy drained out as pain overwrote the ache in my heart and I let go as darkness consumed me passing out.

Time had no meaning when I woke to MRI and x-rays and Doctors talking about a c5-c8 injury. Which looked like it was a previous injury and worsened by the impact. Pieces of a puzzle began to fit together as the realization set in. Things would never be the same. Ongoing paralysis and risk as the compression made even breathing a challenge.

The sad part of any injury or illness or crisis are the people who swear they have your back don't. Especially when your back is broken. At times I sat wishing I hadn't woken. People come into your life to either add to it and enrich it or drain it away with cruelty. I had a decision to make which it was going to be!

But then again, I always was a fighter against the odds.

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