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"What the heck is wrong with you?" Alex yelled.

"What am I supposed to say, Alex?" Yuri not quite yelling cried back.

"I don't know? I'm sorry for causing you to have a senses attack?"

"I didn't cause anything!"

"Yes you did!"

"Oh really? Like what?"

"You forced me to go there! I told you I couldn't!"

"Yes you could if you'd just tune it out!"

"I can't tune it out! It doesn't work that way!"

"Look," Yuri grit his teeth trying not to yell, "Your dad says you have to dye your hair back. Let's go back in there and finish."

"I don't like how it feels!"

"Well then suck it up! Goodness! You're such a baby!"

Alex at this point was furious and Yuri could tell. Good, he didn't like hurting Alex, but he needed his trial for his brother next month to go well. He was going to find Alex after the trial and explain everything despite Lorenzo's warning he wouldn't be able to find him.

"You- why do you even hang out with me? If I'm such a baby why bother?"

"I didn't realize you were an invalid the drugs hid it pretty well. Maybe you would like more heroin, addict."

"You were addicted too, Yuri! Don't even pretend you weren't! I'm not proud of that and I've fixed it."

"No, your dad fixed it. You're too weak to fix it yourself. Maybe if you weren't so disabled you'd be stronger, but oh sorry the noise is too much."

Alex turned and walked away throwing a few words off his shoulder, "Don't expect me to reach out to you. I'm not cutting you off but when you realize how wrong g you were I'll be waiting for an apology."

No, he needed to be cut off. He wouldn't contact Alex and hopefully he'd eventually give up and delete his number.

Really short chapter but that's okay. I think k the end of this is nigh and I'll start another story. Maybe after the trial for the baby and a few other events I'll end it.

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