No Way Out...Part 6

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*The next day*

*Kayla's POV*

I woke up at 8am. I groaned and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I just stared at my reflection. Maybe Christine was right, I'm no good enough for Zak. It will never happen between us. I don't want to do this lockdown tonight, not when Christine is there because I'm pretty sure Trina, Rose, Josie, Ashley, Megan and Kennedi would beat her up, ok maybe me too. I just ended up crying my eyes out. I'm nothing. Zak doesn't love me, he never had, he never will. I walked out of the bathroom. Megan and Ashley came in. "Hey! Are you excited for this Lockdown?" Megan asked excitedly. I didn't smile, I frowned. "No I'm not" I said sitting down on my bed. "Why? What's wrong honey?" Ashley said. "You know very well why I'm not excited, that blond fake ignorant little rat will be there tonight during the lockdown" I said clutching my fist in anger. "Kayla, we're not happy about that blond fake ignorant little rat is coming with us on the lockdown, none of us are" Ashley said. They both sat beside me. "We know Zak loves you, we can see it when he's with Christine, he can't take his eyes off you, other then that, think about how he and the other guys would feel that your leaving for New York after the lockdown" Megan said. I looked down and sighed. "Just think about it Kayla, we'll be downstairs if you need us" Ashley said. They both walked out of the room.

I'm not changing my mind of going to New York to live with Dad straight after the lockdown. I'm going to leave this place no matter what. I got dressed and went downstairs. "Hey Boo" Trina said. "How are you this morning?" Josie asked. I didn't want to answer that. It's a simple question, I know but I'm going to tell the girls that I'm leaving. "Girls, I made up my mind about moving" I said. They were close to jumping through the roof. "I'm going to leave" I said. "What?!" Rose yelled and fell off the stool. Trina coughed up her tea. "Kayla! Are you serious?!" Josie yelled right into my ear. "Honey, I'm right here" I said pointing to where I'm standing, which was right beside her. "Honey, please tell us your joking" Trina begged me to say no. "No I'm not joking, I'm leaving after this lockdown and that's it" I said storming out of kitchen and into the sitting room.

"Kayla! This is crazy! You can't leave!" Ashley cried. "What about Nick, Aaron, Billy, Jay? What about Kennedi? What about Zak?" Megan asked. I stopped her when she said "Zak". "Look! Zak is with Christine! Yes I will miss all of you and the guys but I will come back and visit" I said. Trina sighed and said "forget about that bitch! It will crush them! Even Zak! Just come on the lockdown and I say by the end of the lockdown, you and Zak will be together". I rolled my eyes. Rose sat down beside me. "It's not going to be the same without you" Rose said hugging me. I hugged her too. "I'm sorry girls, I'm really sorry" I cried. We all got into a group hug.

*Traveling To The Location*

We were all in the van traveling to the location, Zak was sitting in the passenger seat but I know he has his eyes on me. I tried my best to ignore him. The only thing Trina, Rose, Josie, Megan, Ashley and I don't know is where the location is and what it looks like. "Hey guys, where's Christine?" Rose asked. "She's meeting us at the location" Zak said. Nick was behind me. He tapped my shoulder. I looked at him. "Are you ok Kayla?" Nick asked. Trina, Rose, Josie, Megan and Ashley looked at me to say "go on, tell them". I went wide eye a little. "I'm fine why wouldn't I be?" I asked nervously. Aaron said "you seem a little stressed out" Jay said "is there something your not tell us?". Now Trina, Rose, Josie, Megan and Ashley were looking at me wide eye. "Ummm....I...I..." I shuttered. I couldn't get it out. "Calm down Kayla" Kennedi said. I sighed and said "look, I want to listen to music before we arrive at the location". "Ok, Kayla, you just relax" Billy said. I put in my headphones and looked out the window. It felt like a movie.

We pulled up at this old house. We got out. Trina, Rose, Josie and I were staring at the house. It was old and definitely worn out. This location is bringing me flashbacks. The horror images flashed one after another. "Trina, Rose, Josie, Kayla, are you girls ok?" Zak asked taking out equipment out of the van. Christine arrived. "I'm here!" She cheered. "No one cares!" Nick mocked her. Zak gave him a dirty look. Everyone paid attention to Trina, Rose, Josie and I. "Girls, what's going on?" Aaron asked. We turned around to look at the crew. "Where did you find location?" Rose asked with fear in her voice. "Our researcher Jeff found it" Nick asked. "Why?" Jay asked. "This is where Trina, Rose, Kayla and I use to live!" Josie shouted. "We used to live here years ago!" Trina shouted. Everyone looked at us wide eye and mouths wide open. This place is 1000% haunted, we're going to be in such major trouble when we step into this horrible creepy place.

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