Chapter Eleven

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Sean was definitely one of the best boyfriends ever.

After our date on the Fourth, we’d gone on a few more before he’d finally asked me to be his girlfriend. By this time, I had already fallen for him; I accepted. 

He did everything he could to make me happy. Flowers every once in a while. Candy (I loved chocolate!). Little gifts here and there. All that was nice, but what I really lived for was his quirks and irresistible smile.

I bounced to school on a stormy Wednesday, excited to see Sean and the others and happy that it was going to rain. I loved storms (though they made me sleepy at times). I managed to reach the school before it started and made my way to our usual table near the back of the cafeteria, where we always hung out before school started.

I was incredibly surprised to find it swarmed by at least a third of the school’s population.

Frowning, I pushed through people I didn’t even know to get to the table, most giving me dirty looks that said ‘What makes you special?’. I ignored them and finally reached the table.

The guys (plus Maddie) stood in a ring around it, looking flustered as people clamored to reach them. I managed to reach Sean and scream in his ear over the commotion.

“What’s going on?!” I yelled.

“Somehow they know who we are!” he yelled back. 

“What?!” I screamed.

Sure enough, though, I heard calls of ‘Graser, you’re the bae!’ or ‘BAYANI’ or something along those lines. I also noticed Zach, Julio, and Jordan giving me dirty looks. What did I do? I thought.

Eventually a teacher lost their patience and stood on a table, blowing a whistle. Immediately everyone went silent.

“Okay!” shouted the teacher, who I recognized as one of the athletics coaches. “Enough! Leave the kids alone!”

There was some grumbling, but nobody moved. “Now!” yelled the coach angrily, and finally people began to disperse, leaving the guys and I relatively alone.

“Thanks,” Jordan told the coach, who nodded and surveyed the room, keeping it in check.

All throughout the day, random strangers none of us knew came up asking for autographs and photos. Most girls glared at me, and I glared right back. They were my friends. These girls had no right to be mad at me.

The first time we were able to be alone together was after school, when we gathered at Jordan’s. Immediately, we began debating who would have told the school their true identities.

Several theories floated around, but I was surprised when Julio spoke up. “I think it was Elise.”

The room instantly lapsed into silence.

“What?” I asked, confused and slightly horrified.

“It had to have been you,” he responded, obviously certain of himself. “You were the only other person who knew. There’s no one else it could’ve been.”

“You don’t know that--” protested Liam, but Zach cut him off.

“Julio’s right. Elise is the only one who could’ve done this.”

I realized Jordan was staring at me sadly. “You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone. Now I know how much your trust is worth,” he spat, his voice growing tart with each word.

“Guys!” I exclaimed. “Are you serious? Of course it wasn’t me! I swear!”

“Sorry, Elise,” replied Mike. “But all evidence does point to you.”

I threw my hands up in the air. “Fine. Don’t believe one of your best friends. I see how much you guys care,” I said in frustration, tears streaming down my face already.

“I’m afraid,” Jordan told me. “You should leave.” He glared at me and I felt a part of me break. Jordan was my first friend here and had been one of my best. Now he hated me. 

I glanced desperately at the room. “Anyone still want me here? Anyone?

An uncomfortable silence. I glanced pleadingly at Sean, but he wouldn’t look at me and was staring at the floor.

“Elise,” Jordan began threateningly.

I turned and fled, racing out the door and out of Jordan’s house, and just running. I don’t know how long I ran for, but eventually I found myself in the park again, just staring at the ground in the place where we’d laughed, watching fireworks together, just a few months ago.

I sat under the nearest tree.

And I lost it, crying harder than I had in nearly two and a half years.

I was alone again.

...yeah, this chapter took quite a sharp turn from the last one.

Sorry it's so depressing, but I needed to further the plot! D:


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