Chapter 16

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Edward's POV:

"What's taking him so long?!" I said to myself while still holding MayMay, she's losing a lot of blood.

"Marco where are you?" I muttered to myself and looked at MayMay

"Please don't leave me" I said and then I heard car and I saw two figures running towards us and it was Marco and Kisses

"Marco what took you so long?!" I said and I carried MayMay and ran to the car and I put her in the back seat and I sat down with her and laid her head on my lap and Marco and Kisses got in the car and Marco started the car and Kisses got in the passenger seat and Marco drove to the hospital

"What happens to Ate MayMay?!" Kisses exclaimed

"I don't know, she said she was going somewhere important and told me not to leave the house and to not ask questions so I did what she said, and then 30 minutes have passed and then she called me and said she needed help so I ran all the to school and saw her in her own pool of blood na walang malay, whoever did this to her should pay!!" I said in between cries and after a few minutes we arrived in the hospital

"Edward you bring her inside, me and Kissed will just park the car, we'll be there soon" Marco said and I nodded my head and got out of the car and got MayMay out and carried her and I ran to the hospital and called out for help and nurses ran to me with a stretcher and I laid MayMay there and they rolled her in the ER I was about to follow them but the nurse stopped me 

"Sir you're not allowed to go in there, you have to wait in the waiting room" The nurse said and I just stood there and I felt someone poke me

 "Edward" I heard Kisses say and I turned around and saw both her and Marco 

"How is she?" Marco asked 

"I don't know, she's in the ER, they wouldn't let me in" I said 

"But how do we get her to sign in? She said her mom doesn't care for her" I added and they looked at each other 

"I think it's about time that they make up" Kisses said and brought out her phone and called someone. 


We have been waiting for 30 minutes already and there's still no news about MayMay then Kisses stood up and walked out and me and Marco looked at each other 

"Where's she going?" I asked and he shrugged 

"I don't know" He said and a few minutes later she came back in but she was with someone and Marco's eyes widened and he stood up

"Umm hello po Tita" He said, so I guess she's MayMay's mom.

"Hello po ma'am" I said

"What happened to MayMay?" She asked 

"She was stabbed po" I said and she looked at me

"Who are you?" She asked 

"Edward po, MayMay's boyfriend" I said and she just looked at me

"May boyfriend na pala si MayMay" She said and I nodded my head and gave her a smile 

"Can I see her na?" She asked 

"There's no news pa po from the doctor" Marco said and she just nodded her head and sat down on a chair. A few minutes passed and a doctor came out from the ER and walked towards us and we all stood up and he looked at MayMay's mom

"I'm guessing you're the mom?" He asked and she nodded her head

"Your daughter is fine but we have to keep her here so we can keep an eye on her, she has to stay for at least 2 more days, we'll move her to another room and then you guys can see her, and ma'am we'll need you to sign a few papers, please follow me" The doctor said and we all nodded our heads and MayMay's mom followed him. A few minutes later a nurse walked up to us 

"Are you the friends of miss Entrata?" He asked and we nodded our heads 

"Follow me, we already moved her to a room" He said and we follow him to a room and we saw MayMay laying in bed connected to machines

"Is she gonna be alright?" Marco asked the nurse 

"Yes sir, she's alright now" He said 

"Excuse me, I'll go ahead" He said and we nodded our heads and he walked out and left us here and Kisses walked over to MayMay and held her hand 

"Please wake up Ate May, we're here na" She said but no response. We waited for at least 15 minutes then MayMay's mom walked in and when she saw MayMay tears started to form in here eyes and she walked over to MayMay and held her hand and she looked at us

"Can you give us a moment?" She asked and we nodded our heads

"Sure" I said and we walked out the door 

MayMay's POV:

"Anak, I'm so sorry that I wasn't a good mother to you, I promise na babawi ako, please wake up na baby" I heard someone say and I opened my eyes and i adjusted to the brightness of the lights and I looked at the person beside me and it was mama?

"Mama what are you doing here?" I asked and she looked at me

"MayMay gising ka na!" She exclaimed and I nodded my head 

"What are you doing here?" I asked and tears started to form in her eyes 

"Ma why are you crying?" I asked her and she held my hands 

"MayMay I'm so so sorry, sorry that I wasn't a good mother to you, I'm sorry that I blamed you for your grandparents' death, I was just upset, I'm sorry I made you work so hard, I'm sorry if you think that I don't love you, I'm sorry that I don't show you how much I care and love you, MayMay, anak, mahal na mahal kita, I'm sorry sana mapatwad mo ako anak, mahal na mahal ka ni Mama" She said in between sobs and I just smiled and hugged her

"I've waited all my life to hear you say you love me" I said 

"I'm so sorry anak, please forgive me" She said and we pulled away

"Ma, okay lang yun, I know naman that you were just upset because Lolo and Lola died, I forgave you a lot time ago, I just wanted to hear it from you, Ma, you're my mom I could not just not forgive you" I said to her and she kissed my forehead 

"I love you so much anak, huwag mo na ako pagalahanin ng ganun, lahit kami nagalala, buti nalang nandun yung boyfriend mo, napakabait na bata, pogi pa, paano mo siya nakilala?" She asked and I just looked at her

"You met Edward na?" I asked her and she nodded her head 

"You're boyfriend is so kind, very gwapo" She said and I faked a smile 

"Ahhh opo, mabait talaga yun" I said and she smiled at me and looked at me

"You've grown so much May, you're so beautiful" She said and I smiled 

"Mana po sayo ma" I said and she smiled and hugged me. Sa wakas I have my mother back


That's it for now I hope you guys enjoyed it, thank you for all your support in my books. Thank you thank you Labyu Labyu, mwah mwah tsup tsup!! I have nothing to say anymore so yah buh-byeeeeeeee!!!!

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