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Bucky grabbed Tony's pair of glasses that made it so he could see thermal images in part of the lens while seeing regular in the other part. He took the same route Eve took and ran outside to see her thermal silhouette 80 feet in the air headed south. He then ran into Tony's garage and took the closest car to him.

Bucky followed her, keeping his distance but not too far away. Eventually, they made it to the outside of New York City where Eve dropped herself down on a sidewalk. Bucky parked down the street from her and got out.

Eve stayed invisible as she walked into the bustling crowd of people.

"Friday, can you get rid of everyone that isn't her heat signature?" Bucky asked just as Eve began losing him. Everyone in the crowd's heat signature dropped as Friday locked onto Eve. Bucky merged in with the people, occasionally running into some because he wasn't paying attention.

Sometime later Eve stopped right in the middle making Bucky do the same. People still pushed past them. He then realized they were standing in the middle of Times Square. Eve stood, looking side to side at all of the lights.

Bucky could see Eve look all the way to her left. Suddenly, everyone on the street disappeared. Only Bucky and Eve stood there, but he could still feel the people pushing past them.

Eve took a step to look back at him, instantly making him feel somewhat bad for being caught.

"What are you doing?" Bucky asked her. At that moment, he realized just how much he wanted her to stay. He hasn't felt this way about someone in a very long time. She was someone he didn't want to lose.

"Taking a walk," Eve replied to him. She knew he was following from the very minute he got into the car. Right now she can't decide if she wants him to stay or not.

"Are you coming back?"

She softly smiled at him, then disappeared into the reappearing crowd. Seconds later Bucky was pulled off of his feet and was placed on the edge of one of the skyscrapers in Times Square. Eve appeared next to him.

At first, they didn't say anything, but then Eve spoke up.

"It's crazy, isn't it? How you're a one-hundred-year-old super soldier with a metal arm and I can control nature. What if we were like them?" Eve asked while looking down at the people.

"I think it'd be easier," Bucky said after a few moments. "Especially having two normal arms." Eve laughed and nudged his arm.

"Easy isn't always fun," Eve said. "Would you change anything?"


"What would you change, Bucky?" Eve looked at him for his answer.

"I would have fought a little smarter on the train," Bucky said and met Eve's eyes. "What about you?"

"I don't know yet," Eve replied and looked back forward.

The door busted open behind them. Shouting soon followed as dozens of guns were pointed at both of them. Eve and Bucky slowly turned around.

"We've been looking for you," Alvaro said in a condescending tone. He was standing in the middle of the line of the troops. "I suggest you surrender now, before things get worse for you."

Eve had heard enough. She stuck her arm out to her side to hit Bucky's chest as she fell back. Bucky and Eve began falling to the ground as bullets flew past them. Bucky began to scream as Eve turned them invisible and began to make them fly across the sky. He was very heavy, too heavy. Eve struggled before barely getting them on another building.

She threw Bucky in a last ditch effort to get him to safety, but Bucky grabbed her hand and pulled her close. He continued to hold her to him as the two rolled thirty feet. Once they stopped, Eve was straddling Bucky with her hands by his head to hold herself up. Bucky's hands fell to just above her hips were her shirt had been bunched up. Her breathing was labored as he looked all over her face enjoying how close she was.

Then suddenly, she collapsed onto his chest. He was definitely surprised then realized something was wrong. He saw her knees and shins were beginning to bleed through her jeans. Eve pointed at the greenhouse on the other side of the roof. Bucky picked her up and carried her quickly into the house to set her on an empty tablespace. Yellow lights began floating towards her as the cuts disappeared.

"You know, you weigh a lot," Eve laughed and leaned up. Bucky looked at her eyes, then down to her lips before looking back up.

"I'm not sorry," Bucky smiled at her. Eve got off of the table and stood in front of Bucky. He was standing very close to her with only inches in between them.

Alvaro stormed into the Avengers complex, not bothering to wait for anyone as he marched up the stairs. Eve turned herself invisible quickly before shooting up out of her chair and rushing to stand by the window. The Avengers stood when they say Alvaro enter holding a dead squirrel in his hand.

"Is this some kind of joke?" He yelled at all of them while he held the squirrel up, her chip still dangling around its neck.

"You went hunting this morning?" Tony asked sarcastically.

"Listen here Stark, I'm done playing your games. You know where she is and you're going to find her for me. All of you." Alvaro stood in Tony's face as he spoke through clenched teeth. Alvaro then backed up after a second of silence. He then slowly walked, taking long strides over to the window.

When he stopped, he was standing right in front of Eve, no more than two inches apart. Her breathing stopped, as did everyone's. Eve looked Alvaro in the eye, but he was looking straight through her to watch outside.

"I know she is seeking refuge here. It's just a matter of time before I find her." Alvaro spoke in her face, making her shut her eyes tightly, hoping he will walk away soon.

Alvaro turns away from her and walked back to the middle of the group, allowing Eve to let out the breath she was holding. He took the squirrel and threw it onto the glass coffee table, then proceeded to leave the grounds. Eve reappeared next to Bucky once Alvaro left.

"We have to get her out of here," Clint spoke up.

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