Chapter Nine Leave

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It had been a long and tiring day for you, seeing as you had lessons, workout and meeting everyone of the house. There were a couple of people you were hopeful of getting to know but for the most part they were all scary and you would do your best to steer clear of them.

 As soon as the two inches of wood closed between you and anyone else you collapsed on your bed. Dinner had already come and passed and now it was a couple of hours before lights out and you felt disgusting. You grabbed a towel and headed for the shower.

It was nice to be able to soak in the hot water. Rinsing your hair you stood with the downpour on your face. A sigh made its way upon your lips, as your cheeks turned red.

Once you felt a bit more relaxed you turned off the water, put the towel on and headed back into your room. Without sparing the rest of your room a glance you opened your closet. As you were about to undo the towel you could feel a light rumble make its way through you. You could feel what felt like a predator behind you. You almost feared turning around.

As you turned you made eye contact with the male laying on your bed. You let out a raspy breath before speaking. "You scared the ever living hell out of me" You held the towel closer to your body as you waited for his response.

"Well, I had been waiting for you and then you came out looking so delicious I decided to wait" I sighed and grabbed the clothes that had made their way onto the floor.

"You are going to be the death of me" you mumbled "Please leave" You said making your way back towards the bathroom.

"Yeah, right" he said obviously smothered in sarcasm. A groaned found its way through your body as you shut the door.

A while had passed before you stepped your foot onto the cold floor of the bathroom from where you were standing on a cozy mat. A scream left your throat as you slipped and knocked your head hard against the bathtub. A worried knock began on the bathroom door "(y/n) are you okay?" you reached up to your head where blood was pouring down. Getting up and getting changed, you placed a towel onto your skull.

You opened the door. "Yeah just had an accident." As soon as the black haired male saw your face it went into a pained look. He grabbed you, picked you up princess style and laid with you on the bed. "Um" you said trying to break the contact which only resulted in you being pulled closer to the male's chest. After a minute you gave up even though you knew the cut had already healed. "You know" You said after a few comfortable moments. "I don't even know your name" the male groaned a bit before responding.

"Dabi, but to you it's daddy" you scoffed.

"I would never call you that" he held you closer pressing his face into your neck and kissing it softly. You pushed him away tried to sit but he continued to hold you close. 

"I think it is time that you leave" you said with your face in his. It was a whisper but he had heard it. He was acting like a spoiled child which was cute but annoying. It was only your second day here for christ sake. After a few moments you raised your hand and moved a piece of his hair out of his face. Everything was peaceful in that moment. You were sure he felt the same as his shoulders slumped and he opened an eye playfully looking at you. 

"Come on stop starring at me" He said tucking your head into his chest. The blue eyed male played with your hair continuously smiling. It was awkward at first but then the last thing you could remember is the sound of the males heart beat as you softly fell asleep in his pair of strong arms. 

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