108 Balancing Forces

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The following is an incomplete list of the 108 Balancing Forces (previously known as "Emergent Forces") which can be brought out of nuggets of graphene, elementium, or time crystals, provided the wizard is able to harness the associated true name.

1# info; sol; therm/o

common reaction: explosion; fire

emergent reaction: implosion; flare

2# anti; a/n

common reaction: negation; without

emergent reaction: non-existence

3# graph; tri; vid; vis

common reaction: fluorescence; luminescence

emergent reaction: lightning; electromagnetism

4# ia; quad/r/ri; quart; tetra; theo

common reaction: destruction; annihilation

emergent reaction: healing; restoration

5# quin/t; tact; tang; terr/a/i; urb

common reaction: build

emergent reaction: civilize

6# sex; vice

common reaction: replace; substitute

emergent reaction: evolve; transcend 

7# sci; sept/i; ven/t

common reaction: intelligence; learning

emergent reaction: awareness; understanding

8# son; zyg/o

common reaction: vibrations

emergent reaction: symphony

9# vor; vour

common reaction: eat; devour

emergent reaction: digest; immerse

10# retro; vers; vert

common reaction: reverse; regress

emergent reaction: leap; skip

11# tax/o; temp/or; verb

common reaction: chaos; randomness; destruction of time

emergent reaction: purpose; flow; creation of time

12# xen/o

common reaction: differentiate; separate

emergent reaction: integrate; fuse

13# uni

common reaction: simplify to one

emergent reaction: prime value; uniqueness

14# tract

common reaction: pull; drag

emergent reaction: force forward

15# tort

common reaction: twist

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