Hectic morning

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Thanks to my body, I woke up at 5:30am wish an overwhelming need to pee. Sadly after I got back in bed, I couldn't fall asleep again. So, instead of laying there doing nothing, I took it upon myself to get ready early so I could put in a little stop to IHOP on the way to school.

I slowly made my way to my bathroom to get ready. I took a shower and washed my hair while doing so. While in the shower I thought about the fact that I wouldn't know anybody at my new school. Heck I didn't even know anyone at my last one. The only friend I've ever had was Xavier King, whose family moved 8 years ago. He was my best friend but we were separated a long time ago.

I carefully stepped out of the  shower making sure not to slip on the tiles. I wiped the fog off of my mirror to see what I would do with myself this morning. I exfoliated and brushed my teeth before blow drying my hair. I gave up half way through blowing it out, so instead of what I had planned I just left it in a messy bun.

I got out and went to my closet to search for an outfit to wear. When I get dressed I like to think of the weather and then choose. Today it was hot out, so I wore  my black high waist jeans shorts which stopped about mid thigh length; a loose, white, high and low, sleeveless top that said GANGSTA’ over the breasts. I also wore my black and white Chuck's, and to top it I I wore shades on my head.

I know your thinking ‘omg she left the bathroom without putting on make-up.’.......‘o gosh do you think she doesn't wear make-up!?’ Well your wrong, I do wear makeup, it's just that I have a little section of my room where I do that.

I go light with the makeup,only putting on lip gloss, mascara and eyeliner.

I checked the time on my phone to see that it was 7:15. Grabbing my backpack I make sure everything I needed is in there, yunno: money, charger, pens and what have you.

I made my way down stair to find  lio and car (my nicknames for them) running from mama and junior, who were trying to give them baths. Mom stopped when she saw me, and started to catch her breath. “ Oye..........they get faster each time.............we...do.......this. ”  “ Woah, any who your car came late last night and its parked in the garage. Your license and everything are in the glove compartment, be safe, have a great day and do well. ” she gave me a hug and a kiss on the  forehead before continuing after the twins.

I practically ran to the garage to find my car. It was the black Lamborghini parked next to my brothers white one. If you haven't noticed yet, my family is quite wealthy, but we know how to humble ourselves. We know the value of money, because believe it or not it wasn't always this way, but that's besides the point. My baby was here and I was so excited to drive him. When I got it I named it Ace, and I don't let anyone take care of him. I wash  him take him to the auto shop or fix it myself.

I got in the car, and started driving to IHOP after outing the directions in. I got out of the car with my backpack after I pulled into the car park for the restaurant. I made my way to the front desk and asked the lady behind it if they had meals to go, which she confirmed. So I ordered pancakes and an omlete to go. I also got a philly cheese stake sandwich for lunch, I don't trust school lunches and I plan on going to tour the school lunch time so I won't have to the time to go for lunch off campus.

I the location of my school into the GPS after I got into the car. I started blasting music from my Spanish CDs as I drove to school.


I pulled into the schools car park entrance just as despacito started. I drove around for a while trying to find a parking space,there are hardly any parking spaces left. Geez. I drove to the front of the carpark , right in front of the building and there was a spot. It was so perfect,the perfect distance away from the door, the perfect amount of shade it's as if it was waiting on me.

I parked in the spot then killed the engine. Pulling down my mirror I looked in it and gave myself a few words of encouragement. After a few words I got out attempting to walk to the entrance, when I heard the engine of a motorcycle nearing the front of the schools  car park. Right as I was about to walk away I heard a deep husky voice filed with anger, to be honest it was quite attractive. Realizing I was in deep thought I shook my head, turned around and asked what he said.........in Spanish. “ ¿eh? Que dijiste estoy totalemente espaciada justo ahora” ( huh? what did you say, I totally spaced out just now). It happened uncontrollably. I was about to apologise and repeat myself in English she the dude suddenly repeated himself. “I said, what in the fuck gave u the idea to park there? ” I said nothing, I just stood there staring at him. There was something familiar about him, its like I've known him for years but I just can't put my finger on it. I silently stared at him looking onto his eyes. I slowly approached and circled him trying to figure out where I know him from.

“Do u not know how to fucking speak when someone's talking to you!?” he asked, anger and impatience dripping from his voice. The sudden out  burst pulled me out of my concentration and I just walked away into the school. I stood at the entrance of the school just thinking out loud “I totally know him from somewhere, but where could it be. ” “Oh my gingersnaps this is gonna drive me insane!!!”

“Valentines? ” There was only one person that ever called me that. “Charles!?”


Sorry for taking so so so so so so so so very long to update. I kinda got stuck and figured nobody would read this but however coma u did an I had to deliver so here you go lots of love.

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