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Peter hated Father's Day, he hated it.

He doesn't remember spending a father's day with his dad, no matter how many photos May would show him, no matter how many times she recalled the memory, he would have no recollection.

Of course, he would remember almost every father's day with Ben, when the scrapped up enough money to go see a baseball game, or go to the Smithsonian. Peter would remember the times they just stayed at home, eating all the pancakes they made that morning for dinner.

Those stayed in his mind, forever.

But now... there wasn't anything to do, really. Not for him. So, instead of going out and doing something with May, in Ben's memory, or flipping through scrapbooks and holding May as she cried about her husband and brother-in-law. The day would pass with a haze of love and sadness, but today...

today was just sadness.

Sadness of Peter locked in his room, on his phone, scrolling pass all the "Happy Fathers Day!" Posts, and trying to not cry, just... trying. It was hard, being alone, or just being, at all.

That's how Tony found him, curled up on the big bed, only taking up a small portion of it, hidden under four layers of blankets. He wasn't moving, and Tony assumed the kid was asleep, before he saw the blankets shift, now laying more flat.

He smiled.

"Hey, kid." 

The blankets shifted again, now a head poked out, eyes and nose red. "Hey." Peter said, voice nasally and tired.

Tony faltered, because when he looked at this kid... 

He saw himself. He saw himself, on his first father's day without his dad; realizing all the things he could have don on father's day, but never did. All the ideas he had, and never brought up. In this sad, scared and defeated teenager, he saw a young Tony Stark.

"You wanna.. do something?" This caught Peter's attention, he looked up from his phone. "Like what?"

"I dunno... watch a movie, or something?"

And that's how Tony Stark got an armful of sad teenager, with The Little Mermaid playing on surround-sound.

{{A/N; okay, so this is short and shitty... but, father's day is always hard for me. I don't have a dad, and I've never had a good father figure to look up to, so this is me coping? I did this in like, 20 min oops. Happy Father's Day!!}}

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