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He isn't alive, but his feelings thrive

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He isn't alive, but his feelings thrive.

The sound of a metal quarter rung out the elevator, annoying the fellow detective.





"Would you quit it?" The female snapped, grabbing the male's hand.

"My apologies, Detective ____." RK800 said. Or Connor, was his other name from what everyone was told.

She nodded, accepting his unneeded apology. The female adjusted her jacket as the elevator doors opened up. The apartment was a mess as far as the two could see. One fish tank was shattered, with a fish flopping around on the wooden floor.

The two detectives proceeded on, with a swat member basically carrying a sobbing woman away from the scene. She pried herself off of the officer, and clung onto the female detective.

"Please! Please, save my daughter!" She sobbed. "Please, you two—wait, what's that thing doing here!?" She eyed Connor. "Keep it away from my daughter!"

The swat member dragged her away from the two. She kept shouting, complaining about Connor for being an Android.

"Sorry about that, Connor." ____ Said.

"No worries, Detective." He said while kneeling down in a puddle. "I'm quite used to it by now." Connor said while placing the fish back into the tank, with a small smile on his face.

"I can't imagine," She said, feeling terrible for the androids. There's no difference between man and machine at this point; they have emotions and act like anyone else. They're sentient.

___ moved on to the hostage's bed room, seeing that there had been a struggle. She had picked up a tablet, and watched a small clip of the girl with the Android.

They were...happy. The girl and her droid—no, her friend. It was sweet.

"Yay, Daniel!" She shouted in the clip as they had a blast.

"Daniel," ___ said. "That's his name."

"Detective, I have found some clues." Connor began, popping his head into the room. "It has the family gun, and killed the father. It's already killed a few officers; so it's incredibly dangerous. I suggest you stay behind me." He said.

"His name is Daniel. So we best use it." She said.

"Good, because the officers failed to tell me it's name. Good work, detective."

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