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Bucky carries Eve in his arms to her room. She is out cold from the electric shock and Wanda. Cap and Natasha follow behind as they enter Eve's new room. Bucky walks over to the side of her bed and sets her down gently despite of there being no chance she will wake up. He takes a blanket in hands and throws it over her to keep her warm.

"We should take shifts watching her. Just in case she wakes up and gets freaked out in the middle of the night," Cap suggested to the two. They both nodded in agreement.

"I'll stay with her first." Natasha looked between them as she sat in the corner chair.

"Buck, you take the middle shift. I'll take the morning," Cap said earning a nod from Bucky.

"You always have been an early riser." Bucky offered a small smile with a little laugh.

Eve jolted and sat up in her bed, immediately starting large balls of fire in her hand. Bucky woke up at the noise and grabbed her wrists in attempt to make her stop.

"Hey, woah, it's alright." Bucky's nerves were obvious in his voice. Eve looked at his face and put out both of the fires. Her heart beat at a rapid pace for she couldn't remember anything past being electrocuted. Her neck felt a little pang of nerves causing her to reach for it.

"There was a chip in your neck, it's how they electrocuted you." Bucky stepped back from her and pulled the chair over.

"What did you do with it?" Eve sat up fully and sat on the side of her bed. She glanced at the clock seeing it's a little past one in the morning.

"I may or may not have tied it to a squirrel back in town." Bucky smiled at her laugh. At least he can do one thing right. "You know, you really keep shocking us with all these hidden abilities of yours." Eve looked at him and raised her eyebrows.

"Sorry, bad choice of words." Bucky looked down but kept his small smile. Eve only laughed again to make him look back up.

"I can control nature, like the weather and stuff like that." Eve noticed how close they seemed to be. They were only a little over two feet away.

"How did you turn us invisible?"

"Light refraction in the air particles."

"And you can hear and see long distances away?"

"Sounds carried in the air and it's the same concept with the invisibility." Bucky watched as she explained. She played with fire in her hands, then water, then electricity. He watched her eyes change color with each new element, somehow enchanted. He was seen a lot over the years, just nothing like this.

"How did you get so strong?" Eve turned the tables and asked him. He shifted in his chair.

"A serum." Bucky's response was short, so she decided to not ask anymore, but she didn't want him to ask further either. "Are you hungry?" Bucky asked her, completely changing the subject. He realized she has been with them for a while now and she hasn't eaten.


"Follow me." Bucky stood and started to walk out, not without looking back to make sure she was there. They both walked back to the kitchen. Bucky walked behind the counter as Eve remained in front of it.

"There is some leftover pasta. I think it's Tony's. I'm sure he will mind, but no one cares." Bucky smiled to make her feel a little more at ease. He walked over and handed her a fork. She took it as he pulled a chair out for her. Eve sat down and he sat next to her.

"How did your name go from James to Bucky?" Eve asked as she began eating.

"You know, I'm not sure. I just remember having it," Bucky said and smiled sadly. He wanted to remember why, but he couldn't yet. Bucky is glad Eve is talking, but he doesn't want to reveal anything about himself. "Where are you from?"

Eve hesitated before answering. There was no point in lying to him, but she didn't want to answer him.

"What are you two doing up?" Cap asked with a yawn as he walked into the room. He came over and leaned against the counter next to Eve.

"She woke up and she hasn't eaten," Bucky explained for her.

"Tony's leftovers, good choice." Steve winked at her playfully. "How are you feeling?" He then opened the fridge and pulled out orange juice.

"I'm alright," Eve said despite feeling completely run down.

"That's good. See you in the morning," Cap said and walked back to his room. Eve finished and Bucky put her dishes in the sink. He led her back to her room.

"We were supposed to take turns watching over you, but I'm guessing you can handle yourself now." Bucky stood in the doorway and spoke as she sat down. Eve sat on her bed and leaned against the headboard. "I'll get you some clothes to actually sleep in."

Bucky walked away for a couple of minutes and came back with sweatpants and a shirt.

"I found a pair of Natasha's sweats, but couldn't find a shirt so I brought one of mine just in case." Bucky set the clothes at the end and went back to the door. He smiled at her, said good night, and shut the door behind him.

Eve stood and put on the black sweatpants then held up Bucky's dark green shirt with a couple of buttons at the top. It was loose on her, but not draping. Thankfully he brought a long sleeve shirt so she wasn't exposed.

She then walked back to her bed and laid down, but didn't fall asleep for another hour and a half.

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