Marli. P.o.v

It had been nearly a whole year since I'd last slept in my old bedroom. Nothing had changed; my mum had kept my room exactly as I left it when she sent me to boarding school. My white and sunshine yellow walls remained, my beds purple flowered duvet cover, my book shelf still held my favorite dog-eared books and smiling pictures of Marina, Jenny and I where still in the frames I'd hung them in. Even my makeup and jewelery stood on top of my dark oak chest of draws where I'd left it all.

Yes everything was just as I had left it .... Maybe a little cleaner thanks to my mums OCD hovering addiction but still the same like it had been held in a time capsule all these months. The effect was disconcerting yet the familiarity of everything was comforting after being away for so long.

I sighed dropping my two green duffel bags, containing all my belongings from boarding school on the floor beside me. I could feel my mum hovering by the door nervously- waiting for a response, to see how I would react to being back.  

I smiled turning back to her, matching her expectant smile " Well someone's cleaned the carpet. I don't think I've ever seen it this spotless" I announced jokingly.

My mum laughed and drew me into a big hug, she pulled away holding my by my shoulders " Oh Marli I'm so glad your back, I've missed you so much, everyone has.. God you've grown up into a woman ... your so tall now and your hairs longer..." she trailed off stroking my hair tearfully. " Well I'll leave you to unpack.... Maybe ring up marina? Jenny? All you girls back together again!" my mum clapped her hands happily. I smiled and watched her leave, her dark short hair jumping on her shoulders as she went down the stairs.

I slowly closed the door and leant against it. I was back. I had now just turned seventeen and looking at my room I was so painfully aware of how much I had changed over the last year. I walked over to my mirror and studied my reflection, I was no longer the short , slightly chubby, girl with braces who hung on my bedroom wall.  

The most noticeable change was my height, I was now 5'7 and all my baby fat had been sucked up with my fast growth. The tall, slim girl in ripped skinny black jeans and white t-shirt with long blonde hair reaching below her shoulder blades, big blue eyes and high cheekbones was still slightly alien to me.

I wasn't the same girl next to Marina and Jenny in the photos. I felt a short stab of pain when I realized that I had no Idea who they were anymore either and probably didn't even before I left. I shook my self ... I shouldn't care that I didn't know them anymore.... It shouldn't still hurt so much that I hadn't talked to the two people I had shared nearly all my best childhood memories with for a whole year. I felt my eyes water slightly and I shook my self - stop it! Stop feeling sorry for yourself .... They weren't even speaking to you when you left! They'd found new friends. They don't care so why should you? I thought to myself.

Suddenly the whole experience of being back home again, seeing mum and the thought of going back to high school tomorrow left me emotionally drained and incredibly tired.  

I quickly took off my jeans and left them on the floor as I crawled into my bed.  

The half moon outside shone through my window like a watching eye and I shut my eyes in anticipation of tomorrow and seeing all my old friends again.

The next day I awoke slow fingers of light peeking through my curtains and invading my sleep. The alarms red letters read 7:00 am . Sh*t. Today was the day I go back to Oakland High. I sighed , quickly got out of bed and stumbled into my adjoining bathroom.  

I quickly brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower letting the water beat on my back. I don't know why I was so nervous... I still knew my way around the school? The teachers and the students in my year where probably still the same... then my mind flashed to my nightmare. I walk up the entrance to the school and everyone is staring and they can just tell what I am , that I've changed....

"Marli , sweetie ... breakfasts downstairs" I heard my mum call from the kitchen, breaking me from my paranoia. I quickly jumped put of the shower, blow dried my hair and put on new underwear and bra. Out of sheer laziness and not wanting to search my bags I put on my black ripped skinny jeans, a white tank top and my favorite bottle green cardigan. I quickly looked at my outfit and added my maroon colored converse. I decided against anything but mascara and lip-gloss in the makeup department and quickly headed downstairs to the kitchen. My mum was sitting on the kitchen table eating cereal and toast. " Morning Sweetie, did you sleep well?"

I smiled took a piece of toast from her plate before she could slap my hand away  

" Morning ... um Yeah I slept okay, as well as I could considering I have school today."  

My mum smiled supporting " I'm sure you'll have a great time.... You'll see everyone you haven't seen since you left and then you will be wondering why you were so nervous this morning"

I took a big bite of toast. God I could never hide my nerves from my mum ... and I don't think its just cause she's a doctor that she can read me so well. We've always been close, though since I went to boarding school and gained a mother of a secret I haven't been able to tell her everything about my life. And I hate lying to her.

" Well, I've gotta go. Don't wanna be late" I kissed my mum on the check and shrugged on my black leather jacket, walking out the door in time to hear my mum call out 'Bye sweetie! Have a good day!"

I rolled up the garage door in search of my car, pulling back the cover on my baby. It's black and a convertible with dark red leather seats and dashboard (Like Peyton's car in One Tree Hill) and I can finally drive it!!!! Yay!  

I got in and revved the engine - maybe today wasn't gonna be so bad. After all I was driving my kick ass car.

Way too soon my journey had ended and I was pulling into the familiar parking lot of Oakland High, the large stone steps to the entrance where already full with students waiting for the first bell. I quickly scanned the crowds... a few familiar faces.... I sighed in relief. No Jenny and Marina. No one was staring. No one could tell I was different from everyone else.

Then Just as I slid out of the car I heard the deep rumbling of music blaring from a car and, as I turned I saw their huge silver four wheel drive, full of students smoothly speed into the lot. And of course they parked directly opposite me.

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