Chapter 1

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"I'm glad you're coming pez" jesy said. I sighed "yeah" I was laying on my bed. It still felt empty. Why did it still feel empty? We broke up so long ago. Almost a year But I still felt like my world was going to fall apart any second. I've dated a guys and I had some dates but they never really got serious. "V fest is gonna be awesome this year!" Jesy said. "Okay but please don't hang out with harry? I mean I don't wanna third wheel the whole time. "No of course not! I'm gonna hang out with you! And look at guys with you" She said. I looked at her but decided not to say anything cause it wouldn't help anyway. "What am I gonna wear?" I asked. "This" Jesy said throwing some clothes on me. I looked at them and saw black pants and a bra but it wasn't really a bra as top. "You know what will go good with it?" Jesy said and walked back in my closet. "This!" She said and showed me a denim jacket. "I quite like that" I said looking at the outfit.

I got changed and looked in the mirror. I had to say I looked good. I walked out and saw Jesy standing there with a pot of glitter in her hands. "We're gonna glitter it up!" She said making me laugh. She put some glitter on my body and my face. I laughed "why are you laughing?" Jesy asked. "It tickles" I giggled making Jesy laugh. We were ready and I put on my jacket. We Got inside the car and we drove to the place we're harry was waiting for us. "Hey girls" Harry said and hart kissed Jesy. I hugged him and kissed his cheek. "Some friends of mine are conning with us so don't worry pez you're gonna have fun" Harry told me. I nodded and we drove to the place the festival was at. "Perrie this is Matt" Harry introduced me to a guy. "He makes the best pictures!" Harry laughed. "Yeah if you want some good insta pictures just ask Alright" he said smiling. "Thanks!" I laughed.

It was already getting late and I actually had a lot of fun. I danced with everyone and we just laughed. "HEY GUYS! Look who's here!" Harry yelled suddenly. I looked up and saw a very handsome guy walking to us. "Alex! Man how are you" Matt said. "I'm tired man! Just played a match" he said laughing. "We've won though" he gave harry a high five. Jesy stood up and gave him a hug. "Oh Alex, this is Perrie" she said and pointed at me. He looked at me and smiled. I stood up and gave him a hand "hi I'm Perrie" I said smiling. "Alex, nice to meet you" He said. I looked at his face. His smiled was so cute and his freckles made it even cuter. "I wanna drink something pez walks with me please?" Jesy asked and I nodded and excused myself. "So alex huh?" Jesy said. "Wel he's really good looking" I smiled. "And he has a six pack! Like damn" Jesy said. "Jesy! You have a boyfriend" I said. "So? I can't say that someone else's workouts are good?" Jesy said. I laughed and we ordered our drinks. "I think you should at least try it" Jesy said. "You think?" I asked. "Perrie go for it! Alex is a nice guy. And I must say his last relationship wasn't the best either" Jesy said. "You know what. I'm just gonna flirt a bit" I said. "You go girl" Jesy laughed.

We got back with our drinks and there was only a seat empty next to Alex. I sat down and grabbed my phone. I looked threw my Instagram and decided to post a picture Matt made of me the afternoon. "It's a good pic" I heard someone say and looked up. Alex smiled at me "thanks" I smiled and posted it. "Did matt made it?" He chuckled. Him chuckling is the best sound I've heard. "Yeah he's really good" I said. "Thanks!" We heard matt say. I laughed. "So perrie, you're also from little mix right?" Matt asked. I nodded "Yupp" I said. "That's where I recognize you from" Alex said. I looked at him and smiled. He caught me starring at him. I turned my head and felt my cheeks heat up. He chuckled again and I looked around. Everyone left to see the stage. I saw Alex noticed it too but he didn't stood up. "What do you do for job?" I asked. "Not a big football fan huh?" He asked. I shook my head no and he smiled. "I'm a professional football player. Liverpool" He said. "Oh that's kinda cool I think" I said And turned my body to him. He laughed "yeah it is."

"Where do you know Jesy from?" I asked. "Well Matt is my best friend and he knows Harry so yeah" he said. I heard a omg I liked "oh I live this song" I said smiling. "Come on were gonna dance" Alex said and he grabbed my hand taking me with him. We walked to the stage but we couldn't find the group. I looked around me and I stared walking away. Alex wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me back. I looked into his eyes "their over there" he said looking back into my eyes. We walked to the group and saw everyone drunk and dancing. Me and Alex danced for a while and a couple of people left. "Perrie" Jesy said. I looked at her "harry is pretty drunk I'm gonna take him home" she said. "But I drive with you" I said. "I know, do you wanna come with us cause I don't know how you'll get home" Jesy said. "I don't know what you think but I can take you home?" Alex said. I looked at Jesy who was nodding. "Just help me with harry please" she said. "Yeah sure" I walked behind her and helped her get harry inside the car. "Are you sure about Alex taking me home?" I asked. "Yes, But if you don't feel good about it" Jesy said. "No it's alright" I said and hugged her goodbye. I walked back to find Alex.

"Hey" I said "hey" he smiled. "Shall we go home?" He asked. "Yeah sure" I said and we said our goodbyes to Matt and the rest. We walked to his car and we stayed silent but it wasn't a awkward silent. "What's you're car?" I asked. "That one over their" He said pointing to a white car. We got in and he put on the radio. "Can you please put you're address in?" He asked pointing at the screen in the car. "Yes" I said and typed in my address. We drove to my place and I checked my Instagram. "What's you're last name?" I asked him. "Oxlade-Chamberlain" He said. "Sorry?" I giggled. "Oxlade-Chamberlain" He said slower this time. "Am not gonna remember that but okay" I said. "Why?" He asked laughing. "My dad is a football fan so I just asked myself if he might talked about you" I said. "Alright were here" he said. "Nice place" He looked at my house. "Thanks" i said And guy my stuff. "Uhh Perrie Can I Maybe Have you're number?" He asked and smiled. "Yes of course" I said and got my phone. He put my number in his phone and texted me to see if it was the right one. "Thanks for bringing me home I had a lot of fun" I said and he smiled. "No problem and me too. I hope we can maybe hang out sometime" he said. "Yeah me too" I smiled and got out of the car. I walked inside my place and hatchi came running up to me. "Hatchi, we may have a good one" I said and hugged him.

I drove back home and smiled to myself. It was weird when I saw her I felt something I never felt in a long time. Ever since my last relationship I never felt like there was going to be a girl who was able to make me feel the way I felt with Perrie. Is Love at first sight real? She will probably not feel the same anyway. I heard her voice and she sings like a angel. And she looks like a goddess. Her giggle was music to my ears and her smile made the room brighter. If I could I would love to make her smile. But it was probably all just a stupid wish.
I got back home and saw that Matt was at my place as he was staying over for the night. "Hey man" I said when I come inside. "Hey how was bringing Perrie home?" He said. "I got her number" I said. "Wow good for you man!" He said picking my arm. "I don't know man" I said "why not? She's a good one and I think you guys are a good couple" Matt said. I looked at him. "Why not try it?" Asked. "Alright when I wake up the first thing I do is texting her" I said and Matt smiled "eyyyy good for you mannn" he said and I laughed. "But imma head to bed goodnight" I said and walked upstairs. "Night!" Matt said.

I woke up from the sun shining in my eyes. I sat up and grabbed my phone from the charger. I looked at Instagram and searched up Perrie Edwards. I got to her Instagram account but decided not to follow. I scrolled threw her pictures. She looked really good. I found a picture of her without makeup and wow she looked amazing! I got down and saw it was already late. There was a note laying on the counter. Hey man thanks for letting me stay! Matt. I laughed Matt always wrote everything on notes if he couldn't say it in real life. I made myself breakfast and decided to text Perrie. After 5 times typing and deleting what I typed I decided to just write a simple hi. After about 10 minutes I got a Reply

Alex: Hey
Perrie: Hey Good morning
Alex: good morning sunshine I was wondering if you might wanna come over tonight?
Perrie I would love to!
Perrie how late?
Alex around 7?
Perrie that's good send me you're address please?

I sent her my address and I smiled. I threw my hands up and shouted "yes!" I walked upstairs and showered. After my shower I took my dogs outside and fed them. The day went by really slow. So I decided to already make dinner so it was ready in time. I put the pages on the table and cleaned the house a bit. I got changed into a more neat outfit. I walked back down and sat down on the couch. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was 7 she could be here any moment. At that moment I heard the bell ring. Oh god I thought

Here it is the first chapter! Hope yah liked it!!! Thanks to the persons who helped me a bit. I hope this story is better then the others!

Much loveee

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