05- Dark Side

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🎶 cause everybody has a dark side and I'm across, never meant to be the bad guy but now I'm lost 🎶

        After having my bath, I put on a plain white shirt with shorts and laid on my bed. Just staring at my ceiling.

      Too good at goodbyes by sam Smith blaring through my headset and I laughed at the sudden coincidence of my playlist and my life.

   This song is a technical motivation to block out so many toxic people in my life right now.

    like Vicky..

    Vicky was my friend at my early days in school but she walked out of my life last year when Hunter had asked her to be his girlfriend.

Yeah, she left me.

     I really don't blame her though. Who would choose a bullied little sixteen year old over a hot rich jock that looked undeniably hot and sexy.

no one would.

not even my parents

    That made me wonder sometimes, if Megan had met Hunter would she still be a friend to me?

I doubt so.

     The next song to play from my headset was dark side by Zara Larsson. I really loved that song plus the fact that you could interprete it in a million ways possible depending on how you feel.

     After a few minutes of tossing and stirring on the bed reality hit me that I haven't had a good meal since breakfast.

   I turned to check the time and it was just five. Clearly giving me four more hours till my next medication.

    I got up from the bed exchanging my headset for earphones, and changing from shorts to sweatpants.

  It took a while but later on, I scrambled downstairs with my hoodie over my head again.

    I approached the main door but I was stopped when my dad spoke.

"Iris, your mom told me something" his tone sounded like he's aiming for a conversation.

  How amusing.

"oh, and what could that be?" i responded sarcastically without turning back to face him

"turn around and let me see you"

Really?? At this point in life all he could do was give me a command??.

"yeah, I could do that or I could just walk out this door and pretend we didn't have this conversation"

"please turn around" he pleaded but desperation suits no one dad.

"yeah the latter seems a lot more fun to me"

   And with that I walked out the door.

fuck he cares!!

he can go to hell with his pocket of change.

  I marched out angrily and felt another set of tears about to spilled but I ain't having it.

   The sky seems oddly dark today. Okay the sun was setting and all, but it looked kinda rainy. And it seemed chilly.

  Good thing I wore my hood.

like I could ever leave my room without it.

     I walked for a while still listening to some songs on my playlist before arriving at Tucker's.

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