04- Too good at goodbyes

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🎶 I'm never gonna let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me, cause everytime I open up it hurts 🎶

   I woke up with a terrible headache and tried sitting up.

   It was so damn hard I even began thinking that I had been drugged or possibly paralyzed.

I looked round where I was and noticed it's the schools clinic.


That's when I remembered everything with hunter running off and hitting my head on the locker.

I turned my head to the left and saw the nurse typing on her computer.

"Miss Joanne?" I called out to her and she jolted away from her system.

" Oh my goodness, you're awake!" she responded almost shocked I had woken up.

  Immediately, she stood from her chair and came up to scan my forehead with her eyes and fingers.

"The head injury looked so serious, I thought that maybe it was a hemorrhage" she continued to say as she tinted my head to the left.

"do you feel anything?" She asks as she adjusted her glasses that was slightly slipping off her nose bridge.

"just a slight headache"

"how did this happen?" She asks again, taking a seat beside me.

  I blinked twice before giving an answer to her.

"I was running to class because I arrived late at school, so I slipped and I think hit my head?" the last part sounded like a question even to me.

"Are you sure honey? if you slipped I would have seen a scratch but I saw nothing" she asked further

" yeah am sure" I was done reporting Hunter. All they would do was warn him or threaten give him suspension which they never would.

"hmmmm.... you seem so unsure, are you sure maybe someone didn't run into you to make you hit your head?" more questions

"yes ma'am, very sure" I replied trying to sit up.

"okay then" she started saying whilst getting up and going to her table

   "your bandage would need to be changed every three days considering the bleeding. Your medication is to be taken thrice daily. Morning, Afternoon and night endeavor not to miss it cause you're on some antibiotics. oh and your blood tonic is to be taken only once by the time you choose"

"thanks" I muttered while she came back to where I was laid and helped me sit up.

"how did I get here?" I asked her because last I remember, Hunter ran off.

And he would never come back.

  " As I was going to my office, I saw you unconscious and it's my duty to attend to you. Really the least I could do" she said handing me my drugs.

Oh, so Hunter hadn't changed. good to know.

"thanks a lot for everything Miss Joanne" I got down from the bed I was laying on.

  "Can I take the day off and go home" or go to the building i sleep in?

  I asked because I was already exhausted without doing a thing.

" Were you planning on learning with a half smashed brain?" she asked me, cocking an eyebrow.

  I let out a light chuckle at her response before speaking again.

  " Thanks ma'am" I responded after checking my drug contents but I couldn't laugh much as my ribs were aching from yesterday's encounter with Hunter.

   I walked out of the clinic that was located just down the hallway. And saw the guy who helped me with my glasses yesterday across the hallway talking with Hunter.

  And they were laughing.

  Great someone who finally sought to help me is getting poisoned by the viper.

  I snuck out of the hall praying to be unnoticed. And hallelujah I was successful.

  For once.

  Thank goodness I took the car, I wasn't sure if I could ride a bike with the pains all over my body.

Still, it was a painful ride.


  I got home and after parking the car, I walked up to the porch and checked under the flower pot by the step for the house key but it was missing.

  So I knocked on the door instead since they may be home.

   My mom opened the door and her mouth opened so wide I wondered why her jaw hadn't broken yet.

  I pushed passed her and glanced at the clock in the living room.

just eleven am!!

  I hadn't even spent six hours in school and I needed to be home already.

  "what happened!?" my mom asked pulling me out of my trance.


"don't you dare say nothing, you have a bandaged head and blood in your hair"

"really? I didn't notice"


"Leave me alone mom"

as if she cares!!

as if she fucking cares!!

  And I barged into my room, jamming the door on my way in and locking it.

sorry door.

"Iris speak to me!" I heard my mom say trying to open the door.

ha! it's locked

  I dropped my backpack on the bed and turned to the bathroom to put on the shower in my bath.

"just open the door please we need to talk" she said again sounding a little softer than a while ago.


"please, Iris, I need to know what's wrong"

"nothing is!"

"you can't block me out forever, please I need to speak to you if not for anything at least for the fact you're my daughter"

"oh, so you recognize that"



"please.... we can't go on like this" she sounded at the verge of tears.

  I've blocked my mom out for the past two years and it hurt because my mom used to be my best friend.

and she just gave you up for money.

  That's enough reason to never let her in again.

"I think I can"

I would not cry!!

"Iris.... please" now her voice sounded like she was in tears.

I don't care!

I don't give a fuck!!

  But it still made a tear drop from my right eye.

In a matter of seconds, I was crying too. Crying at everything I had lost, everyone I had told goodbye.

how did things change so fast?

  Even though it still hurts, I wasn't as stupid to let her in once more. It would be plain stupid of me.

"Go away mom" and with that I walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

I'm way too good at goodbyes.

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