03- Magic

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🎶 I've been waiting for a magic moment, but maybe there are magic moments 🎶

        I got up earlier than my alarm clock this morning.... believe me when I say its becoming something usual.

        I had a really hot bath before looking at my reflection in the mirror.

Jesus Christ!

     I look like a zombie just gave me zombie-cooties. The burnt dent in my neck had a black pink coloration, my black eye had began to clear up leaving a purple botch around it and my ribs still hurt from all the falling I did yesterday.

     Arrrrrgh!!! I need a complete makeover!!

   It took a complete hour to cover up my horrendous flaws, and by then the sun was already up too.

       I put a hoodie on my sleeveless shirt and got down for breakfast.

    My mum was frying eggs and my dad sat by the counter reading a newspaper when I walked in.

  "oh, she's up" my dad said dropping his newspaper "how are you darling?" he proceeded to ask.

   I just nodded.

  We hardly have conversations anymore. No longer like the days when we would talk about how it would have been cooler if my mom gave birth to another child so I won't be alone and she would tease me saying I'll carry the pregnancy and my dad will wiggle his brows at me.

so much for love.

   "So.... how's school going for ya lad?" my dad continued asking to bring up a conversation but I just continued with a nod.

   My mom said nothing and that was better for her. I mean she was the first person i cried out my heart to almost everyday because I thought she cared, little did I know she was just consoling me outta pity but she needed her buckaroo. yuck!

    "err... well... you need a ride to school?" dad asked again, but this time be looked uncomfortable.

Good, he better feel it!

    After shaking my head in a no response I hoisted up and out of the kitchen. In the driveway, I decided to take my car today since it is a faster means to get to school and out.

    On my reverse, mom came out to the lot looking like she may have jogged a little to catch up with me.

  "Are you free after school today?" she asked looking at the car I was using.

"It's preferable if you ask me, would I make it home alive today?"

"I know you would"

"I doubt that"

"but are you busy?"


"doing what?"

"planning to live"

"Iris I-" I didn't let her finish then I drove off to school. I don't have time to really waste.


  I got to school a bit earlier than the allocated time and after using a few seconds to cover my head with my hoodie, I walked into the hallway.

   To receive another heart wrenching shock of the week.

      Hunter was standing by my locker with his gang and on seeing him, I reflexively took my hand to my neck and re-felt the sore wound. I was not ready for another one. At least not yet.

     I approached my locker looking to the ground again.

I'm a coward

A big stupid coward.

  Once I got to where they were, it took a billion nerves of courage to speak up.

"p-please c-can i get m-my b-b-book?" I said and as usual, it was almost a whisper but I expected him to at least hear it.

   He just glared at me, then smirked before moving away.

what the!!

he just moved!!

without hitting me!!

  That was the last reaction I had expected.

  I thought I may have been slapped or possibly insulted loudly but rather he listened to me.

Maybe he really has given up.

  "t-thank you" came my response, a lot louder this time.

  I was about to open the locker when he held my head and lowered his head to my ear.

  I knew it was too good to be true.

" Never, I repeat never!! in your miserable life talk to me"

  I felt shivers go down my spine but this was not in the case of what lovers felt. Mine was due to absolute fear.

    "am s-sorry" I managed to say with tears threatening to spill from my eyes yet again.

  "yeah I know but I think you should still learn your lesson" and with that he gripped my head tighter and bashed my head onto my locker.

  I felt ringing in my ears, then saw Hunter and his crew run off before every thing went black.

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