Chapter 20: Confessions: part 3

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A/N: Ayooo Cry here! sorry it took so long to post this, me and my co writer/editor had to go over what would happen next, i kept getting stuck on what to write next and ehh and then i procastinated on writing the next chapters. dont worry guys im not bored of this story, just lazy as hell.

Anyways, enjoy!


"YOU'RE HIS WHAT?" Hanzo shouted, staggering backward as you tried to calm him down.

"Wait, wait, let me explain-" you said, waving your hands in front of you to show you meant no harm.

"What... what is there... what?!" Hanzo stuttered, a rare occurrence, but you couldn't care less at the moment.

You watched as Hanzo had his back against the wall, his hands tangled in his hair as he slid down to the floor. You grew concerned for the archer, never having him seen like this, but you wouldn't blame him. After all, you pretty much just told him you were his brother's daughter.

You walked cautiously toward Hanzo, who still had his hands buried in his face, and sat down next to him against the wall. Slowly, you reached your hand toward him and hesitated as it hovered over his shoulder, contemplating on whether to comfort him or sit in silence and let him process it all. You decided it was best to ease him into talking instead. You retracted your hand and sat up straight against the wall, staring up at the ceiling.

"I know... I know it's a lot to take in Hanzo... But I had to tell you. To let you know that you didn't take everything from him."

Hanzo leaned back, resting his head against the wall, sighing heavily. His eyes remained shut, and soon, his breathing became calmer. You figured he still wasn't in a talking mood, so you continued with your one-sided conversation.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner," You stared down at your lap, playing with your hands. You bit the inside of your cheek out of sheer anxiety, "I-" You were quickly cut off.

"How many know?" He questioned.

"Just Lena... Now you..." You refused to meet his eyes as you felt his gaze on you. You felt the pounding of your heart; it was loud enough to where you thought he could hear it. Hanzo sighed, running his hands through his face.

"I'm... I'm so sorry..." You whispered under your breath. You stood up from your spot against the wall, not wanting to meet his gaze. Making your way over to the door, you reached your hand over to the panel, only to be stopped when you felt a pair ofstrong arms wrap around you from behind.

"Thank you.." He said. Your eyes widened at the sudden kindness coming from Hanzo. You retracted your hand, letting it fall to your side. You didn't say a word, fearful that you'd be unable to find the right ones.

"I thought... For the longest time, I thought had taken away everything my brother had..." Hanzo spoke, and you turned around to face him, you two pulled apart a bit from the embrace so you could look up at him. "But, clearly I am wrong. I had yet to take away his legacy." Hanzo didn't smile, but his eyes spoke volumes as he looked at you. You stunned when you read his vulnerability in them. He did not try to hide it from you like he would try to protect it from anyone else, because you were his kin. His family.

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