When he hugs you

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You can think yourself of how you two met.


He loves hugs so it isn't anything special. Whenever your arms are empty, he will jump in them. You will sometimes do the same thing. His hugs are so warm and comfortable.


He doesn't do it a lot. But when he does it, they will be long and sweet. He might say he doesn't like hugging but you know he loves it. You can also know if he's sad if he hugs you.


He does it often. Not too much since you told him not to be so clingy. He listened and now only does it if you open your arms. His hugs are kind and filled with love.


This pervert. He will hug you but his hands will be on your butt to signal he wants more then just a kind hug. You always kick him off yelling he's a pervert. He would just pout and ask for more. So basically his hugs are sexual.


He is like Natsuki, he will also jump on you. He has a habit to twirl you around during the hug for some damn reason. So his hugs are filled with happiness. You always cheer up after he hugs you. 


He's a tsundere, he doesn't do it. So you're the one always hugging him. He would be a tomato when you do it but he will wrap his arms around you. His hugs are nervous and akward at first but then they turn in a normal hug.


He only does it when he's bored or if you two haven't seen each other in a while. At first it was akward since he doesn't hug someone that hug. You even had to teach him how to do it. so his hugs were also akward like Syo's but then they turned okay. He doesn't like to do it that much because you tease him about it afterwards.

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