Prologue - Chaos

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     It appeared as though Earth was holding its breath.

     All life was cautious, a terrible sense of foreboding taking everyone into its hold.

     Animals sheltered themselves in their homes. People called into work claiming sick. Children didn't play as they normally would. Babies wouldn't stop crying.

     The rumors were beginning to show every sign of being true, and the ravens didn't help.

     There wasn't to be so many, but they were everywhere. In every country. The scientists claimed it impossible. Yet there they were, defying the odds of nature.

     Ravens flying towards each other across the skies.

     Ravens tapping on windows and flying around houses.

     The constant call of the bird was the only thing heard throughout the night.

     All were signs of death.

     Then on December 21, 2012, it happened.

     Everyone watched as the clouds parted. People clung to each other in fear of the thing overtaking the skies. In all seven continents, at least 10 landed. Hulking ships made of nothing any human had ever seen.

     The United Nations declared the world under a state of emergency. All the while, civilians watched in horror as their loved ones slowly disappeared one by one.

     Their Children.

     Their mothers.

     Their fathers.

     Thousands upon thousands of people began turning up missing, and later, found dead. Their bodies surrounded the ships, piles of corpses gradually appearing around them.

     Though everyone wanted to, no one dared approach them.

     The same thoughts ran around their minds.

     Who or what was inside?

     Where did they come from?

     Why were they here?

     They demanded someone to do something. Protests and rallies formed, forcing the world leaders into action. They gathered together to decide what to do about the situation, all hoping for a solution. 

     What were they to do about them?

     What even were they?

     But by the time they made a decision, it was too late.

     Communication cut off. Electricity went down. The world's lights went dark.

     It was the important people that went first.

    Every single country's ruler, taken out by a single explosion. Then went the capitals, both state and country. No one knew what to do next, they were all stunned.

     And when the ships finally opened, it got worse.

     The faces of their loved ones were all the world could see. Even as their bodies surrounded the ships or were deep in the dirt, they were there, walking.

     People wondered if it was a miracle. If the Gods themselves had given them back. Though they soon realized that wasn't the case. 

     They slaughtered mercilessly, taking anyone and everyone into account. It didn't matter what age you were, what you looked like, your gender, or your position. Almost all were killed without hesitation.

     Then when the day was over, they'd go back to their ships and not exit for a week.

     The ones left alive could only weep. Nothing could, or would save them.

     The ravens never stopped their cries.

     Maybe what set them off was how long it took. Or maybe the abundance of humans troubled them.

      Regardless, it's what brought about the real destruction.

     They stopped taking their time in killing off the species. Instead, they made it a rush job. The creatures hijacked the most secret of places. Stealing weapons of mass destruction.

     Everything was destroyed.

     On October 17, 2013, the reign of humans on Earth officially ended.

     That Monday, six strange phenomenon happened.

     The Bright Light Incident of Mexico.

     Ice XIV of Warsaw.

     The Dark Tsunami of Puerto Rico.

     Utress' Dome.

     The Burning of Cantaro.

     Vidreen's Quake.

     These occurrences became legends, and were told to every child from that day forward.

     The pitiful amount of humans left were forced to watch as the creatures claimed Earth as it's own. They erased nearly all of humanity's beautiful history, leaving the majority to be told as stories. Eventually, most stopped believing. 

    They convinced everyone that they have, and always will be superior.

     There was no possible way they were once at the top of the food chain. The creatures have always ruled. The stories of their reign were fake.

     Including the tales of the strange events on the day of annihilation.

     In a way, they were right. 

     A normal human has no chance in defeating one. They're far stronger, faster, and smarter than them. If anyone wanted to defeat them, they'd have to be just as, if not more, powerful.

     But to be that way, you almost can't be human at all.

     And the humans were once the rulers of the Earth, thus, nothing could be done.

    The once peaceful planet was under the control of the invaders, and it seemed it always would be.

     Until they awakened.

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