yellow nail polish

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a/n: this is inspired by something i saw on tumblr ! i can't remember the username of the account that posted it, so if you happen to know, please tell me.

also, hit me up if you want to collab! ive been feeling like writing with another person besides myself lately haha.

it was a humid, warm night in the may of 1985.

mike was currently biking to the hoppers cabin.
it was still too dangerous for el to leave, therefore, mike would always go to the welcoming cabin every thursday night.

he smiled to himself as he walked up to the door and peered through one of the windows, to see el wrapped in a blanket on the couch.

he brought his hand up the door, closing his fist and reciting the 'secret knock' both el and him had created in january.

he heard footsteps coming closer from inside the house, and then saw the door knob turn.

she opened the door, a grey sweater with matching grey sweatpants enveloping her body.

she jumped onto mike, hugging him. she practically knocked mike over due to her sudden actions, but mike quickly sunk into her comforting embrace.

he put her head in the crook of his neck, causing mike to smile even bigger than he had been before.
he rested his chin on her head, rubbing her back.

"mike." she breathed out, releasing from the hug.
"el." he responded, causing the girl to giggle.

his hands still at her waist, her arms wrapped around his neck, she quickly pecked his lips.

"come on, i have to show you something." she gripped his hand, dragging him into the cabin.

the cabin was relatively clean, considering the teenager would spend most of her free time cleaning, since there wasn't much else to do.

a few of el's drawings she had made over the past few months were sprawled out across the kitchen, some of them hung up on the fridge.

the sound of soothing voices from the soaps el had been watching before mike's arrival played in the background.

she led him to her bedroom, and grabbed something off of her windowsill.

it was a small, clear tube with yellow pigments on the inside. mike could've sworn he had seen a similar tube with different colors in nancy's bathroom.

mike scrunched his nose, confused as to what the mysterious object in her hand was.

"what is that?" he asked as she plopped down onto her bed next to the perplexed boy.

"it's nail polish." she explained, trying not to burst in fits of laughter. anytime she didn't understand something, mike would always help her.

she thought the least she could do for him was help him out when he desperately needed it.

"nail polish?" she handed him the tube, which he closely examined. he squinted his eyes in an attempt to get a further look at.

"yeah, you use it to make your nails look pretty, their are a ton of different colors." she examined the bottle with awe, mesmerized by its beauty.

mike couldn't help but chuckle at her focus, before asking a question.

"have you used it yet?" he noticed her fingernails were bare.

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