long lost letter

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KNOCK KNOCK  KNOCK ugh!!! why would someone wake me up its only 7:06 why!!! its a Sunday. I walked downstairs and to the door I let out a heavy sigh before opening it. stood there was the mail man "good morning I'm sorry to wake you but I'm looking for Shawn Mendes and I believe he lives here "the mail man spoke.

"I am he sir" I spoke " well I'm sorry to say but this letter got lost in the post about 2/3 years ago and I believe it was written by y/n" I could feel the colour of my face drain as he said her name-  he handed me the letter "good day sir" the mail man spoke before heading of "you to" I turned round and closed the door.


"Shawn sit down honey " my mum spoke " hurry up mum I got to call my girlfriend" my mum shook her head  "I'm sorry Shawn but y/n/p found her dead I'm sorry to say but y/n killed her self she's dead" with those words she just said my face dropped it felt like I couldn't breath. tears were pouring like a river down my face-how, why could she do this is it my fault ?I should have stopped her.

-back to reality -

I missed her loads the thought  of me saving her came back I could have saved her but I didn't. I went to my bedroom and sat on my bed- I tore open the envelope. I unfolded the letter and began reading it - 


         the love of my life , I miss you -its not your fault so stop blaming yourself. there is a lot I didn't tell you Shawn. well I had cancer, I was getting bullied, I wanted to tell you but I didn't have the guts so please don't blame yourself its my fault. I will miss you truly Shawn I love you I just want to say I hope you find someone who can make you happy like I couldn't lotta love y/n xx


hope you like it guys I'm sorry its sad I just thought and there is a lot going on at the moment with my friends so I linked it a bit but I hope you like it please please vote and comment ly guys -n

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