Chapter 11- Teenage Hormones

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Phillip Carlyle?

Phillip Carlyle!

Really? Taika Waititi has never laid eyes on me until now; he has never seen me act or even speak. Yet, he has looked over dozens of his talented students to give me this role. Me!

The freak. The reject. The kid who had to be recruited because he was too dumb to look out for anything on his own.

I'm going to disappoint him, aren't I? He's going to laugh in my face and kick me out of his clique. Then I'll really be homeless-

"Shocked?" Chris nudges me with a huge grin tugging at the corners of his handsome mouth. "Phillip, huh? That's a big role to land yourself with so early," he leans close to me, his hot breath tickling my ear. "Don't tell anybody, but I was a tree in my first performance."

Nervous laughter bubbles out of my throat as the irony hits me. I want the tree, I get a main, Chris wanted the main, and he got the tree.

"Well, then. Your tree-acting must have really impressed Taika," I smirk back, delighting in our freakish closeness. "Look at you, Barnum, your highness."

I bow and he lifts my chin with his hand. He's two inches taller than me, but his wide stature makes him feel so much more powerful.

"Our characters are lovers, right?" Chris breathes and my body freezes. "Or am I confused with something different?"

"I-I believe you, uhm, could be thinking of, uh, 'A Midsummer night's dream? Or, ah, 'The Tempest', perhaps? Shakespeare was a big fan of romance." I stutter foolishly. Chris places his palm on my bare arms with a calming smile. I feel my anxiety drain away and I lean into his heavenly touch. "That was a joke, wasn't it?"

"It was, Tommy, yeah,"

"Oh, HA, you're so funny."

He chuckles and shakes his head.

"You really are something else, Hiddleston, you know that?"

"I'm often told,"

A body slithers its way in-between me and Chris and I bite back a growl of annoyance. The head of hair is vaguely familiar. Natalie.

"Would you look at that, Chrissy," she purrs, wrapping slender arms around his neck. "Mr and Mrs Barnum, huh?"

My entire being floods with jealousy and hurt.

Is he dating Natalie Portman? Why didn't he tell me? What about our flirting?

"Yeah. Taika knows we work well together, Nat."

I lower my eyes to the ground as I feel my resolve crumble. Eyes watering, I suddenly question why I ever came here.

Melodramatic, I know.

I fall apart because of a boy I met four days ago.

But this isn't just any boy.

It's Chris.

And he can't be mine.

"We'll make him super-duper proud, I'm sure," she nuzzles her pretty face against his neck and he kisses her forehead.

Having enough, I push past them and wade my way through the crowds, wiping my tears with the back of my hand.

Everything around me is blurry; I just want to get to my room.

But I can't go to my room because it's our room and it will be the first place he'll look for me.

If he even tries to...

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