The list

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I awoke to the touch of his fingers. They where gently stroking through my hair. I didnt open my eyes straight away as I hoped that he would soon leave, but no such luck.

«I know that you are awake, your breathing changed about six minutes ago» he whispered against my ear.

I opened my eyes, no point in pretending anymore. I turned my head and looked over at him. He was on his side, his head propped up by his hand, as he stared at me.

«I am going to take my morning kiss now» he warned me, his voice slightly husky. I felt my stomack twist.

He leaned over me, putting one hand on the other side of my head. His lips slowly closing in on mine. And just as they barly brushed mine i nervously spluttered out «How long have you been watching me sleep!» Trying my best to delay him. To stop him.

I felt his lips stretch across mine, smiling. «A very long time» And with that he gently started kissing me. My stomack did a flip. I was nervous, but not afraid. Something had changed. I strugled to keep my lips from responding to his. He pulled back a bit, his eyes meeting mine.

«Open your mouth for me» His hoarce voice rasped. I tensed against him.

«No» I firmly countered. Trusting that he would not force me to comply to his demand. Trusting that he hadnt lied yesterday. Trusting this monster, this killer, this man.

He let out a frustrated groan as he begged «please?»

«No» I said again.

He sighed giving up on his quest to dominate the inside of my mouth with his tounge. He bent down again, his lips meeting mine in another gentle kiss.

He pulled away after a bit, his eyes burning. I could swear I heard him mutter something about a cold shower to himself.

He got out of bed, and I followed suit. A bit unsure what to do with myself. He walked around the bed, and stopped in front of me, taking my hand in his.

«I have to lock you up in in the basement for a few hours» he said gently, his thumb drawing circles in my hand.

«Why?» My voice broke, I hated the thought of being locked up in that hellhole again.

«I need to go out for some errands, buying you some clothes being one of them» He answered.

«Take me with you» I begged, knowing the outcome even before the words left my mouth. But I just couldnt help myself, I just had to say the words anyways.

«No» He said as he put on some clothes, and proceded to lead me out of the bedroom.

We stopped by the kitchen on the way to the basement, bringing some food with us. I would apparently be eating breakfast alone down there.

I sighed as we entered my room in the basement. I did not want to be here, but I had no say in the matter. I looked around the room, it was just as I had left it.

«Is there anything you want me to get you while I am out» he asked me.

«Do you want me to make you a list» I answered half jokingly.

«Why not» he said, then added after a short thoughtfull pause «Add what size clothes you wear to the list too... and your bra size» I flushed bright scarlet at the mention of my bra size, painfully aware that I was wearing none.

I grabbed a pen and one of the papers scattered on the floor. There was a drawing on it, just like all the other sheets of papers that where scattered about. I just scribbled my list on top of the drawing, and gave it to him.

He read the list and pocketed it. He then motioned for me to come closer. I didnt. He closed the distance instead, and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek, his hand resting against my other cheek.

«I will be back before you know it» He promised and left, locking the door behind him.

I sat down on the bed, tucking my legs underneath me, and just waited for him to return.

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