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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 9: Infinity?

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Chapter 9: Infinity?

My breath quickened to a level where I could be considered hyperventilating. My mind raced with a million questions but my open mouth released none of them. When I stared into Theo's eyes, I saw only an icy coolness that showed no happiness in seeing me again.

"How- how are you here? Why- Did you recognize me? Why didn't you say anything?" I stammered uncertainly. Theo gazed at me, not saying a word and wrapping an arm around the girl next to him, pulling her close.

"I knew who you were the moment I saw you." He said tightly, his eyes in green slits. "But why would I need to tell you?"

Tears filled my eyes at his words. He didn't want to recognize me again?

The girl next to Theo was glancing between us, confused but when she caught my eye, she snuggled up next to Theo and wrapped her arms possessively around him. She shot me a smug look and rested her head on Theo's bare chest.

"I- I'm sorry. I'll get out now." I hurriedly got up, smoothing my skirt out and trying to hide my shining eyes, wet with unshed tears.

"Good. I didn't bother your little make out session before so don't bother me."

I stopped in confusion. My little make out session? He meant... with Pierce?!

I opened my mouth to clear things up but the double glare from Theo and the girl froze the words in my throat. I swallowed down my hurt from his stinging words and turned to get out of there. One last lingering look at Theo showed me that he'd already disappeared under the covers with that girl.

I slipped out of room with a heavy heart. This was not what I'd been expecting after 5 years. This wasn't the joyful reunion that had been what I hoped for and what I'd clung onto when I needed hope. I tugged my necklace out and tears crept unwillingly into my eyes again.

Our promise is infinite.

I stroked the infinity sign lightly and dropped the ring, letting it swing onto my chest.

What happened to infinity?

I refused to let my tears drop and they dried after a while. I listened to the quiet and the rhythmic thump of music and the shuffle of blankets behind me were the only sounds.

I hope that Pierce has given up on his chase. I just couldn't deal with him right now when my thoughts were a jumbled mess. All I wanted was to leave. But I can't yet because I had to find Marcell first. I bit my lip in a effort to prevent any more tears from appearing and it seemed to be working. I tried to work my way back out of the maze of halls but I was never particularly good at directions and I hadn't been paying attention to where I was going before so it took me a while to find the stairs that I came up before.

I stepped slowly down, trying to be quiet so Pierce wouldn't hear mekif he happened to be down there. Luckily, when I got down there, there was no one in sight. I edged my way through the pitch black room, squinting at the ground when there were shapes scattered there. I think Pierce knocked over a vase or something and it'd shattered on the ground. I stepped carefully over the glass and headed towards the rectangle of light that was the open door. It was a relief to get out of there.

The front area was completely empty now, the pair I saw before had left. The rowdy noise had decreased ever so slightly and I went into the living room to see it basically in the same state, save for a few more people on he ground.

I tried to focus on finding Marcell but avoiding Pierce was also at the back of my mind. I picked through the people, making sure none of them were Marcell before moving on. My thoughts tried to pull me to think about Theo but I refused to let myself think of him. He obviously didn't want to see me again so I shouldn't want to see him either.

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