6 - The Monster : Part 4

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Once Lucas had left the room we all left his house. We didn't know where to start to find Eleven. Dustin got on his bike and Mike and I got on his. We all started to ride off onto the street. I'm sad about leaving Lucas but what can you do? He doesn't want to be apart of the party with Eleven. I just hope he comes around later on. We will need everyone.

"This is weird without Lucas" Dustin admits as we continue riding.

"I agree" I say to him as I have my arms wrapped around Mike with my head leaning on his shoulder.

"He should've shaken my hand" Mike says to us and I just roll my eyes.

"He's just jealous" Dustin says to him, Both Mike and I become confused.

"Dustin what are you saying?" I question him. He looks back at us and just sighs. We become even more confused.

"Sometimes, both of your total obliviousnesses just blow my mind" He says to us again looking back to us as he he riding a tiny bit faster then Mike. Mike and I again look at him with total confusion.

"Mike he's your best friend right?" Dustin asks Mike

"Yeah... I mean, I don't know" Mike says trying to think of what to say

"It's fine. I get it. I didn't get here until the fourth grade. He had the advantage of living next door. But none of that matters. What matters is that he is your best friend. And then this random girl, other then Gabbie shows up and starts living in your basement, and all you ever want to do is pay attention to her" Dustin says and I had to admit, he kinda was right. Mike has been really paying attention to Eleven.

"That's not true" Mike tries to defend himself

"Yes, it is. And you know it. And he knows it. Gabbie knows it. I know it. But no one ever says anything until you both start yelling and you and Gabbie start punching each other like Goblins with the intelligence scores of zero. Now everything is weird" Dustins says to him "No offence Gabbie" Dustin adds on

"None taken"

"He's not my best friend" Mikes says to him. I look at Mike, is he being for real right now? Dustin just chuckles

"Yeah, right" he says to him. Mike sighs.

"I mean, he is, but so are you, Will and Gabbie" Mike says to him which makes me smile a little.

"Can't have more then one best friend" Dustin says to him

"Says who?" Mike questions him

"Says logic" Dustin answers back

""Well, I call bull on your logic, because you're my best friend, too" Mike says to him and there was a silence. I was actually proud of Mike I feel as if he has really calmed down from this morning. I just smile to myself as Dustin says okay and smiles.

The boys start to go a bit faster as they finished talking when we come across a store with police out the front

"Whoa" Mike says as we look at what was there. There were lots of people crowed around the police car and lots of whispers. There was also Glass all over the floor. Nothing like this just happens in Hawkins.

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