Ari's Pledge

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All the teams were finishing up and clearing the area.  Ari and Dom stood outside talking quietly by the med-van as five men exited the building.  Two were carrying a stretcher with a were on it.  Beta Jiminez was holding the were's hand.  The fifth man was holding up an IV bag.   Ari looked up as the smell of cinnamon and peaches assaulted him and he staggered a bit crashing into Dom.

Dom held him up and looked at him with concern.  "Ari?"

Ari looked over at Chevy holding the were's hand and felt a streak of jealousy. Why would he be feeling jealous?  Unless...

>Our mate is hurt.<

His eyes grew wide.  After all this time he had a mate?  "Th-that were is my mate."

Dom frowned and bit back a possessive growl.  "Beta Chevy?"

He shook his head. "The one on the stretcher."

Chevy was arguing with the men as Dom and Ari approached.

"But I-"

Alpha Natelly was pushing him back as he tried to climb in the van.  "You're still needed here, beta."

"Fuck that!" Chevy yelled.  That was his family.  He wasn't about to abandon him.

"Beta Jiminez, stand down," Dom commanded.

Chevy whirled around and snarled at them.  His eyes were golden and his canines were elongated.

Ari linked Dom.  >His wolf is awfully protective.  He must be someone he knows.<

Dom raised an eyebrow.  >Agreed.<

Ari slowly approached Chevy with his hands up.  Disagreeing with him or pulling rank would be counter-productive.  Weres don't play about family.  Doesn't matter who you are.  "Beta, I will ride with him and keep watch until you are finished here and can get to his side."

Unlike most alphas, Alpha Silver was a fair and even handed man.  He didn't pull rank often and he tried to compromise in every situation.  Rico would be safe under his care.  His wolf retreated with a huff and Chevy sighed. "Yes, sir."

Ari clapped him on his shoulder. "He's in good hands."

Chevy watched with an anxious heart as they loaded into the van and drove off. Dom walked up to him.  He needed to get the beta's mind off the situation long enough to finish his duties.

"Beta Jiminez, report."

Chevy stood at attention and rattled off the facts.  "All the slaves have been transported to the hospital for examination. Rico is the only injury."

"What happened?"

"He tried to kill himself, it seems, taking pills with alcohol and slashing his wrists."

"Very well. You're off duty. I expect to see you in my office at 0800."

"Yes, sir."  Chevy hustled back to the transport he came in for the ride back.  His leg bounced furiously the entire ride.  As soon as they arrived, he dashed for his room to shower and change.  When he was finished, he ran down the stairs, out the house, and to the garage.  The smell of burnt rubber and the sound of squealing tires filled the air as Chevy's motorcycle peeled out into the night.

When they arrived at the hospital, Rico was put on a gurney and whisked down the hall.  Doctors worked furiously to stop the blood flow then pumped his stomach.  He vomited twice and had to be turned on his side to prevent asphyxiation.  After an hour they were able to get him stabilized and wheeled him into a recovery room.  

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