Charlotte POV

We arrived in Staten Island within an hour. Aiden woke me up from my nap and says, "Amore, I'll be in the warehouse for roughly 30 minutes. Just stay here in the limo, okay?" I nod and Aiden kissed me passionately. He stepped out of the car and shut the door. I stayed in the limo and decided to call my aunt. She texted me instead of replying that she was decorating her new home. I sighed and felt bored. I go to the little cooler that was there and I took a Coke with M&M's in a cup. I place my phone on a kickstand and watch Arrow. During the middle of the show, I hear a pop. It was extremely loud that I could hear it through my headphones. The driver of the limo fell asleep. I get out of the limo and see that there were more cars surrounding the warehouse. I quickly run over to the warehouse and peek through the window. The window is blurry; covered in grime. I look for a door or anything. I finally found a bent flap that I snuck through. I see that Aiden is there with 5 others. There is a man, tied to a chair and he was bleeding heavily. "I'm going to ask you just one time and if you lie to me, I'll use that nail gun to pin down your fucking feet down. Where is Jace?" The man smirked. "I'm not telling you shit." Aiden smiled softly and said, "I told you not to lie to me." Aiden then hooked up the chair to a to hook. Aiden signaled to one of his men. There was a crane that began to lift the chair with the man tied to it. "Hey. Hey! Put me down, you assholes!" The man yelled. "I'm not saying shit! You fuck-OWWW!" Aiden began to hit him with an aluminum baseball bat. "You better start talking about Jace and you need to talk fast, now. WHERE IS JACE?!" The man was still breathing heavily. Aiden hit him again in the knee and his back. "This fucker isn't talking. Get the woodchipper." The man yelled. "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! Jace came back when he heard you were on your honeymoon. He wasn't happy at all." Aiden walks up towards him and says, "Tell me something. What does he want?" The man says, "Your wife. He says he knows her and wants her for himself." I gasped softly. Who would want me? Why am I a target?

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