Covered Lies

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The morning sun shone brightly in my eyes, my muscles stiff from the tree I slept on. I got up and felt my eyes, realising that I had been crying within my nightmare. My joints cracked as I got to my feet, the shadow dress retracting from my body. Last night flashed in my head. "That dream. It was too real to be fake, surely. Me having ANGEL powers? It must of come from my parents but...who ARE they? I'm confused."

My dark leggings were scuffed with dirt and moss and my hair was tangly. Walking down from the hill, I approached the bar where I discovered my secret. A vibrant yellow tent pierced the town's grey and brown hues, people in white hazmat suits wandering the area. Police tape boarded off the scene. I stared in shock at that tent, knowing what happened under its shelter. "I killed her. I KILLED HER. I'm a murderer!" A lump clogged my throat, trapping the breath within my windpipe. My sapphire eyes were fixed on the tent, imagining the damage I caused that girl. Broken bones. Internal bleeding. Shuddering, I moved away from the town and started to reach towards my house.

"WHERE WERE YOU?!" Carol screamed as soon as I entered my house. Paul decided to say something as always. "It's dangerous to go out without permission ESPECIALLY with you!" I simply ignored them for a while, their constant comments turning into background noise. The stairs creaked as I went up to my bedroom, my thoughts whirling inside my head.

The water was soothing on my aching muscles, dirt flowing off my pale skin. I reached for my back and felt the raised scars on my shoulders in curiosity. "Maybe these were caused by something...." I thought, the smell of shampoo lingering in the steamy air. Reluctantly, I exited the shower and wrapped my body in a pristine white towel. I didn't want to face my "parents" or whoever they were. I didn't want to face anyone but the truth. Leggings and a hoodie was the ultimate outfit for me as it was comfortable and warm against my body. Carol and Paul's voice ringed downstairs, talking about me and the news headlines.

I peered around the white doorframe and stared at the blaring TV. Ranvir Singh sat in her usual office chair and looked up at the rolling camera, her eyes serious. She spoke with sincerity. "This is the ITV news at 9 with me Ranvir Singh. A murder of a woman last night has left police in a mystery. The woman, Laura Hayes, was found with multiple fractures across her body and died from internal bleeding just minutes after. Police still cannot figure out what happened last night."

Every cell in my body was drowned in guilt as I covered my gasp with my hand. I killed her. Carol turned around to see my shocked face. "Why are like that? It's just one murder in our town. Happens all the time Aurora. You wouldn't know." She spoke with no empathy, no compassion whatsoever. My icy eyes narrowed at hers in suspicion. "Why would she act like that? It's like she has witnessed murder and gotten over it." The desire to sleep lacked in my mind and thoughts still raced through my head. Finally, I decided it was now or never. The news drew to a close and Paul reached for the remote, switching off the TV in annoyance. Now.

"What happened to me?" I stated, my voice echoing throughout the house. They looked at me in my eyes. "Why do you ask that?" Paul scoffed, leaning back against the leather chair, his sickly grin curling upwards. I retorted back. "I just feel like you haven't told the full story to me." That wiped the smile off him. "I don't like your tone, young lady. Watch it." He scowled, his face screwing up in anger. "I'm just saying that you haven't told the full story," I smirked, putting my hands on my hips. "Why did you get defensive so quickly? Got something to tell me?"
"Why are you speaking so well?" He growled, veins bulging from his head. I spoke with anger. "Because I have learnt English unusually quickly, don't you think? Funny how a girl with amnesia can learn a language so quickly." Looking at his face almost made me laugh. Carol stepped in, her face also looking like deformed sponge. "Calm down, Aurora. Listen to your father."

I snapped.

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