the neighborhouse

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Poffff, Poffff

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Poffff, Poffff.....
I look up and see a firework, it seems to come from the party I was earlier. It looks amazing, all these colors exploding into each other, like they'd know, now, right at this moment, it's their time to shine, it's their time to interact with the beauty of one another.

I look at Ella, the colorful light reflects on her skin and it makes her even more attractive.
As she opens her eyes, I quickly look away with my eyes wide open because of the shock I could get caught staring at her.

"Oh my god! What time is it ?" Ella says in fear.
Why is she in fear? What is going on?

"Wait I take a look....It is three am!" I add and continue: " Why are you afr.." she interrupts me.

"No, no, no,! I have to go! I really have to go now, I'm sorry!" She tells me in a hurry.
As soon as she finishes her sentence, she runs into the forest.

Wait no, oh no, my heart is pounding fast now. I can't just let her leave, I need to know where I can find her again.

"Ella! Wait ! Where can I find you?" I start running too now. I enter the forest but she is gone. No hint of her, nothing. The only thing she left behind was her smell on my t-shirt. Roses.

Who are you Ella? What did you do to me?
I have to find her, I have to see her again.

As I enter the house the boys were sleeping.
I see Finn lying on the couch, he must have been very drunk because he is only wearing his socks and his whole face is decorated with skizzes of a mans best part.

Poor boy, lets hope the pen that has been used to draw this isn't waterproof. I have to take a picture!
I can't see the other boys, they should be in their rooms I guess.

I go to my room and fall in my bed. All of my thoughts spin around Ella. Why did she have to leave? Why was she in fear?
Am I going to see her again? How can I find her?
This night is going to be hard. I have troubles falling asleep.

"Yeaaaah, Whoooop, Whoooop, wake up Brandon, Braaandon!!!"
The boys are jumping on my bed and screaming like someone just filled their bodies with hundred liters of adrenaline.

Omg, was that just a feet beside my face?
Ok, enough!

"Stop it! Stop it please! I'm wide awake, you can stop now you idiots!" I beg them to stop.

"Brandon when did you get home last night?
We were waiting for you, but after twenty
minutes we  had enough and went to sleep, I thought you went to the house after the party?"
Carter says with a tone that shows me, he thinks it's normal to just wait twenty minutes.

"I went for a walk!" That should be enough to keep 'em quiet.

I hope.

"Oh okay, well what do you want to do today?" he asks.
Hoping for me to say: play Volleyball.
I just know him too well. So I say : "Volleyball"
How creative right?

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