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The next morning I woke up and hopped into the shower, washing my hair and body before getting out and getting dressed.

After about a half an hour of lounging around the house I heard a knock on the door, I walked downstairs and opened it to reveal a smiling Jasper

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After about a half an hour of lounging around the house I heard a knock on the door, I walked downstairs and opened it to reveal a smiling Jasper.

"Hello darlin." He greeted before I opened the door wide to let him in.

"Hello Jazzy." I responded before we both headed upstairs.

"Okay so he wants you out by Friday right?" He asked before I nodded my head and he continued, "Okay so what are we packing today?"

I grabbed two large suitcases and replied, "Clothes."

He opened the dresser and started on that while I went to the closet to grab my jackets and dresses. I had a lot of clothes so it took awhile for us to finish on that.

Once we were done about an hour had passed by and we already had two suitcases filled and bin with my books, movie collection and other stuff.

"Okay what else?" He wondered after we sat down on the bed.

"Nothing really." I answered before he looped his arms around my shoulders and fell back, pulling me with him.

"We have an hour before we need to scope for the battle feild." He stated as I curled in and rested my head on his chest.

"You know what I'm thinking?" I wondered, already aware of how we spend all our free time.

"Movie?" He questioned before I hopped out of the bed and opened the bin with my movie collection in it.

"Which one will we indulge ourselves in today?" I asked as Jasper sat down on the floor across from me on the other side of the bin.

"Hmm... how about scream?" He suggested, allowing me to think about it before I grabbed the disc and put it in the player.

Jasper was still sat on the floor after I put it in so I leant down and grabbed his arms and dragging him to the bed.

He layed down on his back after  looping his arm around my waist and pressing a kiss to my hair.

During the movie I got lost in my own thought, and Jasper noticed, his gaze shifting from the movie to my distant eyes.

I was thinking about Jasper and I, thinking about how things were gonna change.

"Why are you nervous?" Jasper broke my out of my trance, clearly sensing it as it basically radiated off of me.

To be honest I don't even really know why I was nervous.

"Uh I'm not, Jasper I'm fine." I brushed off earning a look claiming he didn't believe me.

"Clove.." Jasper pleaded, sitting up and across from me, grabbing my hands in his own.

"Jasper I'm fine, it's nothing, really." I responded before Jasper roughly let go of my hands, angry that I wouldn't comply.

I just simply didn't think it was important, I don't understand why he's upset.

"Jasper why are you upset?" I asked incrediously, he has literally no reason to be upset.

Instead of replying he glared down at the bed spread, his eyes filled with annoyance.

"Jasper! Why are you upset?" I asked again getting more and more upset by the second, but still I got silence.

While we were sat on the bed my mind drifted off. I don't even know what I did and he was upset at me?

"Please don't be mad at me." I choked out as my eyes filled with tears and my voice failed at not wavering. I wasn't upset because he was mad at me I was upset because I don't know what I did to deserve it, It felt like he was upset without reason.

Instead of responding I still received the silent treatment, from Jasper only causing my tears to fall.

"What did I do?" I questioned, wondering why I was so emotional and then it hit me, my period was coming.

Finally I got Jasper to respond, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just wish you would let me help you."

But still my tears continued, only running faster as my whole face went red, "Just hold me please." I asked before I was instantly pulled into his arms allowing me to cry into his chest as the movie credits went across the screen.

"Clove, darlin what's wrong?" Jasper begged, clearly distraught at my emotional state.

"I'm supposed to get my period soon and everything sucks!" I yelled out through my sobs, as his grip on me tightened.

"Are you gonna have to stay away from me?" I wondered due to the blood and all.

"Darlin you are too sweet, period blood has little to no effect on us, it would be like you eating old bread, dry and stale. Vampires tend to only like it fresh." He answered allowing my leg to hike up around his hip as his hand trailed to under my shirt.

"I love you Jasper whilock." I whispered as my head layed under his chin.

"I love you too Clove Robertson."

(A/n I just want you guys to know that I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue this story, someone has been bashing on me about it and it's been making me embarrassed about the story so.. idek but for now the story will continue till I announce a formal ending)

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