23. Another Piece Of Me

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I woke up sobbing for no reason in particular. My eyes were still closed when I did and I abruptly stopped sobbing as I felt a pair of hands on the sides of my face. I was met with Legolas' worried face as he spoke softly in comforting voice.

"Shhh... You are safe. You are safe. I am here for you, Leane."

Sleep was still clouding my mind, and I stared at him for a moment. I touched the hand he put on my face and I replied him in shame, suddenly feeling stupid and childish as he witnessed me crying in my sleep.

"I'm sorry. I think I had a nightmare or something, but I couldn't remember any of it," I said guiltily before I realized something and frowned, demandingly questioning him, "What are you doing in my room?"

Legolas' expression turned into pity.

"You didn't even remember how you got here," he said regretfully, "You're in the healing room in Edoras ever since you passed out two days ago."

Two days? My jaw dropped open in astonishment. I recalled what happened last. I was so happy seeing my friends again after a long walk, then Legolas was escorting me, gave me a drink... And then nothing. Legolas saw my confusion and explained.

"You fell unconscious when I was escorting you to your room. I should have seen that you weren't well," he said in remorse, "I am terribly sorry for my ignorance, I should have noticed."

"Hey, it's not your fault that I decided to take a nap in the middle of our walk out of exhaustion," I protested. "You shouldn't feel sorry. In fact I have to thank you for carrying me here. I must be heavy," I muttered. He smiled wistfully at me.

"Trust me, you weigh nothing to me. I could carry you all day," he said with a hint of mild playfulness. I laughed.

"Though, I didn't understand how I could sleep this long. I mean, two days?" I wondered, frowning at myself.

Legolas frowned even deeper at my question and stared at me disbelievingly. I blinked at his facial expression. 

"Don't you see what is happening to you?" Pain swam in his icy blue eyes before his face turned unreadable, "Why didn't you tell me that you were hurt so badly? You should never hide that kind of injuries!" he exclaimed in a low, stern voice, practically scolding me as he stood straight and looked down at me.

I swallowed, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Um, uh..." I stuttered, "I kinda d-didn't have the time to check on my injuries..." Legolas still regarding me with strong disapproval, and I cursed inwardly trying to justify my situation. "When I got the time to do just that, it was already so dark at night and I didn't want to open my clothes to check for injuries out in the cold in the middle of nowhere. Besides, I couldn't see anything since I couldn't really make a fire and alert everyone else of my presence and in the day time I had to keep walking in the crowd to blend in and everything," I ranted nervously, trying to get him to see my point of view, but his face was ever stoic and unreadable. 

"...l'm sorry," I added defeatedly with a whine.

Somehow I felt like I was back to the time when I was a teenager when I was being scolded by my mom for doing something wrong. It happened a lot back then since I was quite a rebel back in my teenage years.

Legolas looked surprised at my apology, but his jaw still clenched.

"How long had you been walking around in Edoras by yourself?"

I didn't see where he was going with this, but I answered anyway. I seriously didn't want to get on his bad side.

"Two. Almost three days, I think," I answered timidly.

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