Matthew Noszka

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One Shot: He was the man your parents warned you about. The guy who would make your mother faint and your father angry if you brought him home. He was devilishly handsome, troublesome and extremely Intimidating. You would've thought that you'd never fall for a guy like him and yet you did.


Your high heels clicked off the dark footpath as you made your way down another path. Staring down at your phone, you weren't surprised to see the amount of text messages flooding in from your supposed date for the night.

You had been stood up, another thing that hadn't surprised you. It had been the second guy in a month who had managed to sweet talk you into accepting their advancements.

It was now 8:35pm, the sun was still high in the sky but the weather was slowly starting to cool down. A brush of wind swept past you, swaying your hair in the wind ever so slightly. You lifted up your hand so that you could tuck away a strand of hair behind your ear.

Turning a corner, you came to an abrupt stop when you spotted Matthew Noszka and his crew posted at the local diner. They were leaned up against their motorbikes and cars, laughing and messing around with one another.

Your heart did a complete 360 as it erupted in your chest, hammering repeatedly against your rib cage. You contemplated turning around to find another way to get home, but decided it was best to just keep going.

Gripping on tightly to your phone and purse, you lifted up your head high as you walked down the path. Your hips naturally swayed from left to right, something your friends had pointed out to you on many occasions which would usually catch the attention of men.

The sound of your heels clicking immediately caught the attention of the guys across the street, and that only made you walk faster. You didn't walk too fast to avoid falling on your face, but you kept your pace at a natural speed.

Matthew's hazel eyes followed your every move. His eyes were glued to your figure, the way you strutted down the footpath with that natural sway in your step made him lick his lips hungrily. He'd kept his eyes on you ever since the first day he'd seen you.

A ghost of a smile grew on his face when he noticed an increase of speed in your step, an obvious sign that you were nervous. Sliding down from the hood of his friend's car, Matthew made his way over to his motorbike.

"You going to get your girl Matt?" One of his friends asked.

He didn't bother replying, instead he hopped on his bike.

You were so close to being out of the sight of Matthew and his friends, but unfortunately not close enough. When you heard the sound of a motorbike being revved up, you knew something was about to happen.

Slowing down your pace, you glanced over your shoulder briefly spotting Matthew leisurely making his way to you on his bike. Biting down on your lip nervously, you came to sudden stop when you heard his voice from beside you.

"Y/N" you turned to face him, your knees almost buckling when he grinned at you.

It took everything in you to avoid blurting out something stupid.

"Hi Matthew" you replied shyly. You quickly tucked away the same strand of hair that had fallen onto your face once again behind your ear.

"So what're you doing all by your lonesome self. A beautiful girl like you should have somebody walk you home" he said.

"I had a date tonight" you smiled, but your smile slowly fell once you realised that date never actually happened.

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