Wu Shu Panda

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"Annyeong Incheon Airport" I said after my arrival here in Korea. Im still nervous but I am also excited, after a few years being departed from my Noona, I can't help being to excited.

Oh I almost forgot to introduce to you myself, I am Kim Saeron, I'm already 17 years old, I moved to Cebu for 5 years to stay with my Mama and my Appa, Im half Filipino half Japanese. *gosh, I sound like I'm in an interview that depends on my life*.

Back to the story

I'm in Incheon Airport right as I was walking to the Comfort Room. I suddenly bumped into someone." Oh, Sorry Miss.... are you okay" A Guy said, but I can't clearly see he's face. I'm so dizzy, but that voice it sound like that guy who left the group called EXO.......

I looked up and saw Tao. Before he helped me stand up. I grabbed my phone with a Panda Face on it. I stood up and thanked him *as if I don't know him*. Then I left.

A few minutes later. I hailed a cab outside the Airport and told the driver "Mr. Lee" *that's what is on his ID* where my Unnie lives. Then I heard something.I reached in my bag and I heard EXO's song growl.

"Yo, okay (sexy)"

"Neo Hogshi Molla Gyeonggo Hanuende (Jalde Eureo)"

"Jigeom Wiheomhae (so dangerous)"

I grabbed my phone, I was shocked. It's not my Mama, my Appa or my Noona. It's Kai from EXO!

I answered it "A-nn-yeong" I said while stuttering. "Annyeong, Tao why do you sound like a nervous girl" Kai said. That's when I realized that is not my phone, I looked at the wallpaper and it is not my usual Picture of Mount Fuji. It's a selca of Tao with Kris Oppa, that was never uploaded to the internet. (I'm always updated to everything about EXO, shortcut spazzer). "Annyeong, Tao" Kai cut in my thoughts."Mianhe, Oppa this is not Tao Oppa, I'm Saeron. I think we accidentally swapped our phones at Incheon Airport, Mianhe".

That is when I heard a door open on the other line. "Guys, I'm here" a familiar voice just screamed from the other line. "Nani, Ar wa dare?"* oh fudge I accidentally speaked japanese*
"Neo mwollago haessni?(what did you say?)"Kai sounds cute when he's confused. "Oh, Mianhe.....I speaked japanese accidentally, I said who was that?" I answered nervously. Maybe they will hate me after these.

"It's Tao, I'll ask him about the phone, just wait, gwaenchana?"
Kai told me. "Yes, o-ppa" I'm stuttering. Hearing his voice is heaven." Taozi, check your phone!!!" I heard them talking."Why? Aren't you going to greet me first?" I guess Tao didn't even noticed about it. "Just check!" Oppa don"t shout to my Panda bear."Wait this is not mine, it looks disame as mine the difference is the wallpaper is Mount Fuji" Awwww, my panda is confused. "Uhm, excuse me Lady where do you live"Kai went back to me."I live in Hanghangno Oppa, beside Shilla Bakery,Why?" That's when I realized I'm already here.

I typed the passcode and went in, I saw my Noona busy packing her bags she said she bought a new house and she told me I'm the guardian of the house temporarily, she still to have to arrange some papers so I can be the owner."Wow, really Noona..... this really big house for me"I turned red, as red as Snow White's lips."Not yet sisi we need to arrange some papers first so enjoy your stay" she is so excited move, but it's near just a few stores from my HOUSE."Annyeong, Sae are you there?" That's when realization hit me again.

"Oppa, Mianhe I was talking to my Noona" I said in one breath. "Let's meet at Angelinus Cafe. I will bring Tao so you need to look good to impress him" Oppa are you serious. "Why do you want me to impress him Oppa"LOL, I sound stupid."Nothing just get ready.

It is still 3:55, so I could use some time. I did my daily routine and stalked through Taozi Oppa's phone, OMG a passcode. I typed the first combination that was in my mind.

Then, oh gosh I saw all his selca's revealing his bare upper body. I saved it all to my laptop and started to get changed. I wore a Navy Blue off shoulder with a panda face on it and Tao at the back, gray leggings, a blue jacket tied to my waist, a black EXO cap, and white rubber shoes.

I went to the cafe and searched for them, it is still 4:30 so I just sat at the table next to the door.

{To: Kai

I'm here already. I sat at the table next to the door. Im wearing a navy blue shirt and a black cap.


They arrived after 3 minutes of waiting then Kai left. He need to rest for EXO's dance practice tommorow. "Annyeong, Oppa. Mianhe, I accidentally grabbed your phone I thought it was mine. It looks excactly disame. Here is your phone" I'm just so nervous, but Oppa never uttered a word, he was just staring at my lips the whole time.

I hovered my hands in front of him then I caught back his attention. We exchanged our phone and I stood up, but he grabbed hold of my wrist and made me sit on his lap. "Gosh your so hot, wanna hang out sometime?" wow!!! did Tao just said that, wait is he staring at my chest. "I would love to Oppa". He just walked me home, and Im really blushing.

As I reached my doorstep I opened the door, as I was about to say goodbye to Tao, he pushed me in, closed the door using his feet and pushed me not to gentle and not to harsh on the couch, then he stopped. "Mianhe, I was just feeling horny by the time I saw you" He said and crashed his soft lips to mine. He then started rubbing my breasts gently. He stopped and stared to my eyes like he was asking for a permission, I kissed him in reply.

Then he started to unbuckle his pants and pulled my leggings with my panties down. He sucked on my neck, down to my collarbone then next to my a bit exposed chest, he removed my shirt with my strapless bra with it. He was about to kiss me but I stopped him, instead of saying stop I just said "Why am I the only one naked here" gosh he smiled as he start to carry me and then he found my room.

Gotta cut it off it is to long.
Wait for next Chapter Guys. Mianhe

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