Mute!Kokichi x Shuichi (Angst)

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5 years ago...
Kokichi had just turned twelve and was starting a new year with new people. He was nervous because he knew everyone hated him that was in his class, but he would try to befriend them anyway.

Ouma walked into his class and saw that everyone was talking in groups of people, he didn't want to be alone and decided he would talk to them. He walked up to a group of boys a girls, "Hello, I'm Kokichi Ouma" he said with a smile.

Two boys and three girls were standing there, three of them looking at him in disgust. It was Kaito, Saihara, Maki, Kaede and Iruma.

"Yeah, we know" Maki scowled "No one wants to talk to you" Miu said, rolling her eyes "You're an annoying brat"

"Hey.. don't be so mean... he's just saying hi" Kaede said, looking at Ouma, giving him a small smile. The other boy, Shuichi was staying silent, his hat covering most of his face.

"He's loud and annoying" Maki said bluntly, glaring at the small purple haired boy "And he lies all the time" Kaito added.

Kaede looked at Shuichi nervously who just turned his head away, not wanting to get involved with any arguing. "We shouldn't get involved with him" Miu said, walking away with Kaito and Maki. Kaede sighed sadly and looked at Ouma "They are right though... you are quite loud... maybe you should just be more quiet?" she said as nicely as possible before walking away.

Kokichi looked down at the floor with tears threatening to build up in his eyes, quickly shaking his head. 'I wont cry.'

Kokichi looked at Shuichi, the only one who didn't leave hopefully "So...?" the small boy said quietly, hoping that he would maybe make a friend.

Shuichi just blanked the smaller boy and looked out the window, he didn't want to get involved with someone so loud and obnoxious.

Kokichi sighed sadly and quickly ran out the classroom. Throughout all of school he had been told daily to 'be quiet' or 'shut up.' He didn't know why he even bothered to talk anymore. He wanted to become mute.

Later that day

Kokichi had gotten in an accident while being drove home from school, the car had crashed. He had landed in an awkward position and his voice box was crushed, he got what he wanted and so did they. He was now mute.


Kokichi was seventeen and was starting his last year of school. He was in the class with the exact same people from the year he had become mute.

He had been mute for five years but whenever people tried to talk to him they would just think Kokichi was ignoring them. He couldn't exactly tell them he was mute as he couldn't speak and whenever he tried to write stuff down, people would just rip it up and tell him to speak like a normal person. No one knew about the car crash and what had happened.

Kokichi knew he wasn't exactly normal but it had gotten to the point where he despised himself so much that he was glad he couldn't talk. He had no friends because people either bullied him, ignored him or said "I can't be friends with someone who doesn't talk, sorry"

Kokichi walked into class and sat down at the back of the class, he didn't know why he still tried, no one would miss him. If only he had died in that car crash along with his voice.

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