Jellice be were Dog Pound x reader

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first off warning sexuwal jokes and foul anguig up ahaed


Dog Pounds P.O.V

I was sitting in the training room watching Exever and (Y/n) spare, the entier time he was makeing sexjoles and flurting with her, dose he not know how i fell about her. she is my one true love. "hey~ (Y/n) what do you call mastrabating wile being high?" X-Evere asked my beautiful Princess "Disappointing your mother" was all she said before she took him down and pinned him. "i could stay like this all day babe~" he said to her "shut the hell up." she said jumping in the air and flipping over to her canteen. "x-Evere i need you in the briefing room now!" Master Shredder voice boomed. "awww. i was having so much fun~" he said before leaving "hey you ok?" she asked me "hu why wouldn't i be?" i asked "um your kinda holding Karie in a head lock death grip." she said "oh... sorry master Karie" i said as i let her go "its ok DP your just pissed at X-Evere" she said walking out "Dog's i thought you and fish boy were best friends?" (Y/n) asked "we were till he started messing with my girl" i said rapping an arm around her shoulder 

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"you were so jellie" i said kissing his cheek before skipping off to get changed so i can go get food for the 2 of us.


it is'nt much but here ya go TheWoodscouts i hope you liked it!

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