Chapter 15

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MayMay's POV:

"Well what are gonna do now?" I asked Edward

"Let's go to the park" He said and I nodded my head

"Sige, I'll just change" I said and he nodded his head and I went up to my room and picked out some clothes and then I changed

After I changed I got my bag and then walked downstairs and saw Edward in the living room sitting on the couch on his phone so I walked over to him and poked him and then he looked at me

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After I changed I got my bag and then walked downstairs and saw Edward in the living room sitting on the couch on his phone so I walked over to him and poked him and then he looked at me

"Let's go na?" I asked him and he just stared at me so I waved my hand in front of his face but he looks like he's in deep thought, what the heck is wrong with him?

Edward's POV:

I was in MayMay's living room sitting on the couch and using my phone but then I felt a poke and I turned around and saw MayMay and she looks so beautiful, her body is perfect, wow.

"Let's go na?" She asked but I didn't answer I just looked at her she was so beautiful, I looked at her up and down and wow, gosh what am I thinking?! I shouldn't be thinking of MayMay like this, but she's Dale, my best friend, my first love. I snapped out of my thoughts when I felt her shaking me then I looked in her eyes and I could just get lost in those eyes, I think I don't want Heaven anymore

"Huyyy Edward!!! Okay ka lang ba?" I heard MayMay say

"Umm yah I'm fine, tara let's go na!" I said and she just looked at me and touched my forehead and when she did I felt chills all over my body

"May sakit ka ba?" She asked and I shook my head and held her hand

"I'm fine, let's go na, I know you love the park" I said and she smiled at me and nodded her head and we walked out and walked to the park and when we got to the park she gave me her stuff and ran to the swings, wow she really does love the park, she's like a little kid, she's so cute, I sat on a bench and I just watched her, she's really so cute! I think it's about time I move on from Heaven

Someone's POV:

"Just do what you can do to kill her!" I said and he nodded his head

"Yes my love, I'll do anything you want" He said and I smirked and walked towards him

"If you don't do what I say I can make your life a living hell" I said to him and he nodded his head

"Anything for you my love" He said and I nodded my head and kissed his cheek and walked out

Edward's POV:

I was just on my phone taking pictures of MayMay because she's just so adorable, I wonder how I'm gonna tell her that I'm her childhood friend, but she doesn't even remember me. I was checking the photos of MayMay but then I heard MayMay call my name

"Edward!! Come play with me!" She said and I just laughed and put my phone in my pocket and walked over to her and she poked me

"Tag you're it!!" She said and ran away form me and I just chuckled and chased her around the park and we played for at least an hour and it was almost 6 in the evening so I told MayMay that we should be heading home by now

"What time is it?" She asked and I looked at my phone

"Ummm it's 6:20" I said and her eyes widened

"We have to go home!" She said and I looked at her and she booted to the bench where her bag was and she got it and ran back to me and grabbed my arm and dragged me and we ran to her house and when we got in she dragged me upstairs, and she went to her closet and then came back and she was wearing leggings, and I was so confused and she got her phone and looked at it

"Umm Edward you just stay here, I just have to do something really important, don't go anywhere, do not leave this house, please I'm begging you, don't ask any questions na, I'll be back in an hour, if I don't then start looking for me" She said and left me there standing alone

"MayMay!!" I called out to her but she didn't answer me. Nako Marydale where are you going?

MayMay's POV:

I quickly went to school because I might be late and Paulo might kill me. When I got to the field I sat on the bench where I sat last night and I waited for Paulo. I checked my phone and saw that it was almost 7:30 and yet he wasn't here yet, where is he? He was the one who told me to go here every night at 7, I was deep in thought when I felt someone poke me so I turned around and felt pain in my stomach and the person walked away and I fell to the ground I felt tears pouring in my eyes and I decided to call Edward

(MM= MayMay E= Edward)

E= Hello?! May?!

MM= Edward, help me

E= MayMay where are you?!

MM= School, field

E= I'm on my way May, are you okay?!

MM= Make it quick Edward, I need help

E= I'm on my way, I'm running as fast as I can!!

MM= Please Edward

But then I felt darkness take over me

Edward's POV:

When MayMay called me up and told me to help her I didn't think twice I ran to where she was and when I got to school I quickly went to the filed and I saw a figure on the ground and I ran to it and it was a person, a girl, and it was MayMay, and she was bleeding?!

"MayMay!!!" I exclaimed, no response

"MayMay, please wake up, please, wake up May!!" I exclaimed and shook her, no response, I laid her head on my lap and quickly called Marco

(M= Marco E= Edward)

M= Hello?

E= Marco I need your help, quick

M= Why what happened?! Is everything alright?!

E= Bring your car and go to school, and make it quick, it's MayMay, she needs help

M= I'm on my way!!

(End of conversation)

I felt the tears pour out my eyes, please MayMay, stay strong, please Dale I can't lose you again.

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