He has a name

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The plate in front of me containing a ham and cheese sandwitch did nothing to entice me. How can you eat when your stomack is in an opproar, when your hands are slightly shaking, when you are afraid of whats to come?

"Eat" He commanded.

I did not look up at him, but continued eyeing the sandwitch instead. I was quite sure that all of it would come up again if I somehow managed to force it down. I didnt move.

"I will not have you trying to starve yourself to death." He said, his voice going dangerously low. "If you dont eat, I will force it down your throat, and it will not be plesant." He threatened.

I looked up at him, and flinched. He looked so damn terrifying. I had complained about him showing few to none emotiones before, but this expression scared the living hell out of me. Tears filled my eyes again, a big lump in my throat now.

I reached for the sandwitch with shaking hands, and took a small bite. My mouth felt dry, making the chewing and swallowing prossess harder than it needed to be. But I continued, bite after bite, untill the whole thing was gone, not daring to glance up at him again while I ate.

He removed the emty plate from in front of me once I finnished eating. I heard him fill the sink with water, wash the the dishes, and then emty the sink of water again.

"Come" The one word cutting through my thoughts, he still sounded pissed. I tensed, took a shallow breath, got up, and followed him into the bedroom. He didnt lead me by the hand this time, just expected me to follow him obidiently, and I did.

I stopped right inside the bedroom door, unsure of what to do next.

"I put a toothbrush in the bathroom for you. Its the pink one." He said, pointing towards the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom silently closing the door behind me. I found my toothbrush next to his dark green one. I picked it up and applied the toothpaste. I then started brushing my teeth at a grindingly slow pace, trying do delay the inevitable, but it could only last so long. I looked at myself in the mirror, not really recognising the scared girl looking back at me. I bit my lip, holding back the tears that where threatening to fall. I opened the faucet once the tears were under control, and splashed some cold water in my face. It cooled me down a bit, but did nothing to ease my frazzled nerves.

I opened the door, and went back into the bedroom. I looked up, and found him standing there in front of the bed, shirtless. My eyes ran over his perfectly toned frame, the muscles in his arms slightly constricting as he held out a t-shirt in my direction.

"Here, you can sleep in this" He said comming towards me as I made no move to take it from him.

He put the fabric in my hands, and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I let out the breath I was holding, my body relaxing slightly. I quickly undressed, afraid he would come back before I finnished changing, and pulled the t-shirt over my head in record speed. It stopped right above my knees, covering up the loose boxers which he had lent me earlier. I hurried over to the bed, lifted the covers, and got in on the side that was the furthest away from the bathroom. The furthest away from him. I lay there right up against the edge of the bed, almost falling out, pulling the covers all the way up to my chin. My heart was beating fast, my eyes staring straight ahead, as I tried to even out my breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in.. I stopped breathing all togeather as I heard the bathroom door open. He was comming.

I heard his fotsteps comming closer, the covers opened up behind me. The bed dipped down a bit as he got in, then the covers closed behind me again. I lay there frozen, eyes wide. Suddenly I felt an arm around my waist, and he yanked me towards him, the breath I was holding escaped me. He positioned me with my back up against his front, spooning me. He was holding me captive against him with his arm around me, his hand resting on my stomack. My entire body was trembling now, and I let out a low whimper.

"Shhhhhh.... shhhhhh" He whispered softly into my ear as he gently brushed my stomack with his thumb.

"I wont hurt you Iris." His promise gentle against my cheek as he planted a light kiss there.

I couldnt stop shaking, this was horrible. I gasped for air, almost unable to breathe now. He moved back a bit, and suddenly pushed me down, his hands gripping my shoulders. He pushed untill I was lying flat, my back pressed into the matress. My side was pressed up against his torso as he moved back, laying on his side. He propped his head up with his arm as he lay there, his eyes burning. Then he grasped my chin with his other hand, turning my head towards him.

I squeesed my eyes shut, hard. I did not want to look at him, I did not want to see. He tapped my cheek twice with his index finger, his hand still grasping my chin.

"Open your eyes Iris, look at me." Hi voice sang.

"No" I shook my head awkwardly as it was still held firmly in his grasp.

"Dont make this more difficult than it has to be" His voice threatened.

I still refused to open my eyes, refused to give in to him, as I lay there still gasping for air. Breathing was so difficult now, I was about to pass out from hyperventilation, and it terrified me, making it even harder to breathe. I felt his body lean closer, lean over me. My heart felt like it was about to burst through my chest. Suddenly he bit the bridge of my nose, not hard, but enough to startle me. My eyes sprang open at the sudden shock, and met his brown eyes filled with laughter, his body was shaking with supressed laughter. He was laughing, laughing at me, laughing as I lay there deathly afraid. And I got mad, really mad. I exploded as I started to punched him hard in the chest, my fears momentarely forgotten as I continued to assault him. Punsh, after punsh, after punch, in his chest. And he let me hit him, accepting the punishment I was dishing out.

He took my fists in his hands after a little while, stopping my onslaught. "Better?" He questioned me.

I blinked, looked up into his eyes again, and nodded. I had calmed down, no more shaking, no more tears threatening to burst out, I could breathe again. I relaxed a bit, sinking back into the matress.

"I am not going to rape you" He said as he lightly pinched my nose, making sure I was paying attention to his words.

" I might force a kiss on you, touch you, but I will never rape you." I stared at him, not quite sure if I believed him. He had been very hands on earlier, what was to stop him from going further.

His hand was resting on my cheek as he continued. "If we sleep together it will be because we both want it, not just because I want you. And I do want you."

I nodded my head again, starting to believe his words.

"I want you to feel safe in this bed, so I promise that I will do nothing more than hold you thightly in my arms, and maybe kiss you a few times. So dont be afraid to fall asleep, because you are safe." It was kind of ironic that the man who killed people for a living promised to keep me safe, but I somehow found myself believing him.

"I dont even know your name." I said softly, making it a statement instead of a question.

His whole face lit up at my comment. I stared at him mesmerized. I felt blinded by this twisted beautiful man beside me.

"Bryan" He answered. "My name is Bryan."

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