Spoiling/Playing with Kanna

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Kanna: Where are you going, Y/N?

Y/N: I'm going to work.

Kanna: Why?

Y/N: To keep living like this.

Kanna: Why?

Y/N: So to make you and Tohru Happy.

Kanna: Why?

Tohru: Kanna, Leave Y/N alone. He needs to go to work.

Kanna: Why?

Y/N: 'OMG!!!' Tohru, can you Explain to Kanna why we need Money?

Tohru: Gladly~

Y/N sighs as he Gave Tohru some money for the Two.

Y/N: Well now, I'll be going now. Take care you two.

And so, He left the Dragons to do whatever they want.

Timeskip to Tohru teaching Kanna why Humans need Money~

After Y/N left, Tohru and Kanna went out, so that Tohru can Teach Kanna some 'Common Sense' in this World.

Right now, Tohru is teaching Kanna about how to Cross Roads.

Tohru: Kanna, when Crossing Roads, always look Both ways.

Kanna: Wow Lady Tohru, Your very Smart in these World.

Tohru: *Blushingly Laughs*

Kanna: But, why do we have to wait for Cars to move by. Can't we just Destroy them in our Path.

Tohru: Even if we do that, The Laws in this World forbids us to do such Action.

Kanna: Hmmmm, Then I would like to Ride in a Car. It looks so Cool.

Tohru: Ummm, From what I Understand, Y/N doesn't own a Car, says its too Expensive.

Kanna: Like what?

Tohru: Hmmm, I don't know. But let's Continue now.

Kanna: OK *Raises arm*

Y/N's Workplace~

While the Dragons are Indulging themselves, Y/N has recently told Takiya about his Roommate.

Takiya: So, Another cousin Showed up?

Y/N: Yup, Gothic.

Takiya: Gothic?

Y/N: Ummm, Gothic Lolita Girl.

Takiya: Wow, Odd Combination.

Tohru and Kanna~

After Playing, Mostly Spoiling Kanna, the Two sat at a Nearby Train Station.

Kanna: That was Fun, I want to go again with Y/N.

Tohru: Hehehe, Maybe next time.




Kanna: This world is Peaceful...

Tohru: It is, Isn't it?

That may be True, but the World can never be at Peace.

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