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Mary's POV
I wake up in my bed wrapped up in Ethan's and Grayson's arms .

"Why are y'all in my bed ?" I asked

"It was freezing cold in the living room and your parents room is off limits so we decided to crash here in your bed . You had fallen asleep on the floor , so we picked you up and set you on the bed . Then we got in with you and for warmth we held onto you which worked ." Grayson said in a raspy morning voice.

I pulled off Ethan's arms pissed . The nerve the audacity to make me feel like shit now he was cold so he slept in my bed . He really needs to get his shit together. I try to focus on myself but he always wants my attention on him .

I got off of the bed leaving them to sleep longer . I went in my closet and changed my clothes . I put on a light sweater and some leggings. I walked down stairs slipped on my shoes and got on the roof . I looked out enjoying the view . The presence of someone else became known . I looked over to see Ethan .

I may fucking despise him and want to beat his ass but I also want to be wrapped up in his arms hearing him say he loves me .

"What do you want ." I said .

"I just wondered I'd find you here . And also I'm sorry for yesterday I was being such a dick after you let me stay at your house ."

"What's new ." You responded sarcastically.

"And I just wanted to talk to you about us . I know we won't ever work out . We repel each other. As if we were a mistake to meet each other . We don't click . We seemed like we loved each other but we really didn't.   I guess we were never meant to be . You're so much different than me . You don't change and I do .
You never really understood what I really went through it was rough . You lived through sadness but not like me , sometimes I needed you but I didn't call you because you wouldn't have understood what I was feeling." He was putting everything on me .

I didn't feel like arguing so I kept my cool .

"Ethan you have no idea . I went through so much after my parents died . Then you came in my life and you seemed to hurt me as if it was entertaining for you . I got humiliated because of you . I became a stripper because I blamed my self whenever you fell into that coma and I had to pay for what I caused  . I sat in that room with you all those four days  cried myself to sleep blaming myself. I haven't actually smiled since god knows how long . I fight my self every day to tell my self I'm happy . I actually got beat up by Grayson back in high school . I deserved every hit . I hurt you and you just wanted to be happy . I came home that day and smiled in the mirror. In my head I said "as long as I keep him happy I don't care what happens to me." I crawled into my bed and sobbed until you came I wanted you to get out . I didn't want you to feel like you caused what happened. And then the glorious day I got shot  you left with her . Blood was rushing out of me . I felt happy I was smiling. I was finally going to make you happy again. When I was in the hospital I didn't try to wake up . I just wanted to let go . It was a lonely month . I felt trapped In my body . You came in and told me the biggest lies I've ever heard in my life . But I woke up cause I fell for them . After that I was stuck in a very dark place mentally as if all I saw was black . I kept falling for your lies and you seeing me getting hurt was the only thing keeping you happy . I only dug myself deeper into the darkness. Then after my life came crashing down I thought  it came to a stop for a second , but then I got the news . I can't have kids . My life took a deeper darker turn but it was my fault I provoked you  . And now I'm here  a million meters deep Into the black hole I can't get out of ." I said .

There was a dead silence the only thing you could here was our soft breathing and the wind blowing.

"Mar-  Ethan don't worry ." I interrupted him .

I took a quick glance at him his eyes were filled to the brim with tears and regret .

"Just go and live your life make it an adventure . I'm just a lost cause ." I sighed . 

I got up and got off the roof and went back inside . I put on a hoodie and went out for a walk .  I never opened up to someone like that . I never let anyone into my dark twisted mind.
I don't think I will ever be happy . I don't even think I know what it is to love anymore.

1 hour after she left

I'm sitting at the park looking at the kids have snowball fights .  I smiled at the sight it was beautiful.

Ethan's POV

I sat on the roof of her house. My mind that I thought was dark wasn't so dark after all it was only a small portion of how dark hers is .

I felt all the feelings I supposedly lost for her came back and they were stronger than ever . I took an appreciation of her and what she has sacrificed just to make me happy .

She sacrificed her own happiness and wellbeing .

She let herself get beat up cause she felt like she deserved it . I never really knew what I had lost . But now I know I lost the person that almost gave their  life for me .

I saw her leave for a walk . I let her leave she needs to clear her mind . But I also need to make up every single mistake I've made since the first day I laid eyes on her .

I got up from the roof and walked to find where she was at . We have to start somewhere.

I walked around until I spotted her sitting on a park bench  playing with my nephew Christian . They were both laughing her laugh made me happy . It brought a light into my life .  I walked over to them .

"What's up Christian ." I said making him get excited to see me .

"Ethan !" He said jumping into my arms .

I put him down and take a seat next to Mary .

"So I see you've met my girlfriend . Do you think she's pretty." I said flashing him a smile .

"Yes she's so pretty . And she's really funny ." He giggles .

"Hmm, I never knew ."

I took a glance at her she was smiling but it was just a smile so she wouldn't kill the vibe .

"I want you to kiss her on the cheek ." He said randomly .

I gave her a look asking for permission. She nodded and I kissed her on the cheek causing Christian to smile big .

"Buddy look your mommy wants you to go back to her . I'll see you on New Years bud ." I said . Then he left me and Mary alone .

"I thought about what you said and I'm sorry for being selfish. I never should've been such a dick to you . You've been through  a lot and I treated you like a horrible person . I apologize . I just hope we can be friends at least . I just want to be there for you . You're truly an amazing girl that I was lucky enough to be able to meet you . You cared for me . All you wanted was to keep me happy even if it meant you had to sacrifice your happiness and wellbeing. I took you for granted when I shouldn't have . I apologize ." I said at the verge of tears .

"Apology accepted." She said and gave me a quick hug .

We sat on the benches looking at the kids play as she rested her head on my shoulder .

We watched the kids play as we sat in silence enjoying the beautiful sight .

"You know I love you right ." She said

"Of course ,  i love you too ."

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